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920-832-4646 - Outagamie County Crisis Intervention Center

920-733-8119 - Sexual Assault Crisis Center

920-419-8167 - LU Counseling Line

You can disclose as much or as little as you choose. Speaking with a counselor is confidential.

Making Lawrence a Safer Place

Lawrence welcomes everyone who shares our mission of liberal learning and our value of respect for one another. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors have the right to participate in our community without discrimination based on sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation, and to live and learn in an environment free from sexual violence.

If you have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or exploitation, click Get Help Now to find out what to do. You can speak confidentially to a counselor or SHARE Confidential Resources who can connect you with the resources you need.

To learn more about Lawrence's sexual misconduct policy and about consent and healthy relationships, click Get Informed. To find out how you can make the campus safer and help end intimate partner violence, click Get Involved. And if you have ideas to improve this website, contact a SHARE member or use the button on the left to e-mail the Title IX Coordinator.

Over the 2016-2017 academic school year, SHARE--with input from the Lawrence University Community Council, Students Against Sexual Assault (SAASHA), Men Against Rape (MARs), and in collaboration with several other student, faculty, and staff, President Burstein, his Cabinet, and the Lawrence University community as a whole--created a more robust Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure, based on national best practice. This policy has been fully implemented as of the Spring of 2017 and can be found online.  During the 2016 school year, Lawrence also created a dedicated Title IX Coordinator position that became a full-time position during the 2017 school year.

It is our practice at Lawrence to develop policy and process informed by input from our community. We are proud of the outcome, and as always, we welcome continued dialogue. To ensure the safety of the Lawrence community, we must continue to be vigilant and to be open to dialogue on issues of consent and healthy relationships.

Please contact a SHARE member or the Title IX Coordinator if you have any questions.

To help ensure a safe campus, any person who violates the sexual misconduct policy will be sanctioned. Multiple offenses, predatory actions (including date rape drugs), threats, force, or violence are grounds for separation from the university.