2020-2021 Multicultural Groups and Diversity-Related Organizations

Please note that the descriptions listed below were provided by campus life.


Alianza LogoAlianza
Contact: Jazmin Santiesteban jazmin.santiesteban@lawrence.edu &
Alianza is an organization open to everyone focused on bringing awareness to the social/political issues Latinx students face both on campus and in the world through educative workshops, and events. We consider ourselves a support group on this campus, where Latinx students can meet to discuss and express ideas, concerns, and issues related to their culture and identity as students and Latinxs.


All Is One! Empowering Young Women of Color (AIO)
Contact: Hyland Flores hyland.a.flores@lawrence.edu
The purpose of A.I.O. is to help bring attention and awareness to young women of color on campus. We strive to unite these women on campus to have a greater voice and display the diversity that is present on campus. We strive to promote love, togetherness, and provide the support that Women Of Color need and should have from each other.
BSU logoBlack Student Union (BSU)
Contact: Sarah Navy sarah.e.navy@lawrence.eduAmaka Uduh uzoamaka.f.uduh@lawrence.edu, & Savon Williams savon.williams@lawrence.edu
Black Student Union is an organization committed to promoting cultural diversity and unity. We focus on creating a sense of belonging for our members and educating the wider campus on issues of social justice, mainly concerning minorities. Although our focus is social activism and addressing political, economic, and social issues that affect ethnic minorities, we welcome any Lawrence student regardless of sex, religion, or race.
Brother To Brother LogoBrother to Brother, A Men of Color Empowerment Organization
Contact: Ethan Simmons ethan.r.simmons@lawrence.edu
Juan David Rivera juan.d.rivera@lawrence.edu
The mission of BROTHER TO BROTHER, A Men Of Color Empowerment Organization is to establish a multicultural brotherhood, cultivate leadership, and provide service and advocacy for our communities by establishing a safe space, dismantling preconceived notions and mobilizing our brothers to powerfully engage in the Lawrence Community. Our three pillars are brotherhood, leadership, and service.
Colores LogoColores: Empowering Queer Students
COLORES is an organization committed to serving, empowering, and supporting queer students on campus while also educating the larger Lawrence community on related issues. We are dedicated to embracing and celebrating our members’ identities while providing an inclusive space to Lawrentians who are passionate about the queer community.
LU Native Americans (LUNA)
Contact: Jessica Hopkins jessica.l.hopkins@lawrence.edu
Lawrence University Native American Organization (LUNA) is an open group to all Lawrence students and community members interested in Native American/Indigenous cultures, issues, and relations. We will promote awareness about Native American/Indigenous cultures through education, in addition to being a support group for the students that identify as Native American/Indigenous.
PAO logoPan- Asian Organization (PAO)
Contact: PaNhia Vang panhia.vang@lawrence.edu 
Pan-Asian Organization aims to be a supportive and empowering network for those who identify within the Asian community. We also aim to assist and uplift fellow student organizations. We will achieve these goals through platforms such as educational events, collaborative work, discussion forums, etc. Anybody is welcome to join our organization as we focus to create a more inclusive community on campus.
Trans Right United (TRU)

Contact: Willow Higgins higginsd@lawrence.edu
Trans Rights United is a student organization committed to supporting trans Lawrentians through community building and advocacy, both on campus and in the larger community. We are an open community for all Lawrentians who identify as transgender, nonbinary, or gender-nonconforming, as well as those who are questioning their gender identity.