What is PLUS?

The Program for Leadership of Underrepresented Students (PLUS) is designed to assist incoming students from underrepresented backgrounds with academic and social support through peer mentoring to create high levels of achievement and an overall positive college experience.

Why Join PLUS?
Students who participate in the program:
• You will learn more about campus resources and have a deeper understanding of the services available to you.
• You will develop long lasting relationships with peers.
• You will be provided with opportunities to help develop as a leader.
• You will be able to establish supportive relationships with faculty and staff.
• You will develop valuable skills that can help you be academically successful

How do you join PLUS?

We will be reopening up our applications for the rest of the 2021 school year. If interested, check out the QR code or click on this link. Only 9 spots are available, so don't wait! Applications open today, and close on December 28th. 

PLUS reopening of application. Due December 28th.

For additional questions please email our PLUS Coordinator Jordyn Plieseis, jordyn.n.plieseis@lawrence.edu.

Benefits of participating in the PLUS Program:

Access to free leadership and social opportunities. All outings expenses are covered by PLUS.

Bowling with members

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