The President's Committee on Diversity Affairs (PCDA)

The President's Committee on Multicultural Affairs' purpose is to promote in the Lawrence community: greater cultural and ethnic diversity; a climate conducive to attracting and retaining minority students, faculty, and staff; curricular and extracurricular initiatives aimed at increasing multicultural awareness and appreciation. In order to accomplish this goal, the committee will: advise the president on matters relating to multicultural affairs; promote faculty and staff engagement in the recruitment, selection and retention of minority students, faculty and staff; make available appropriate educational and training resources for faculty and staff; sponsor, on an annual basis, workshops, symposiums, or other events for faculty, staff, and students on multicultural themes or problems; work to increase community awareness of the challenges associated with being a member of a cultural or ethnic minority at Lawrence and in Appleton. The committee consists of five faculty members, one from each division and one at large (with one tenured faculty member serving as chair); the Associate Dean of the Faculty; one representative from the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; the Associate Dean of Students for Diversity; the Director of Human Resources; one representative from the office of the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; and two student representatives from the LUCC Committee on Diversity Affairs.

The Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

The Committee on Diversity Affairs is a sub-committee of LUCC which helps to represent all student identities, especially those that are under-represented, in the decision making process. CODA exists to support different diversity focused organizations on campus by promoting the groups’ events and interests while addressing issues of injustice as they arise, using a social justice framework. CODA provides a safe space to discuss multiple perspectives regarding life at Lawrence as it works to brainstorm and develop solutions to help create a more inclusive campus. The committee also assists the Associate Dean of Students for Diversity.

Resource Center:

A digital resource center which provides a variety of materials related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Any questions regarding the Resource Center or if interested in adding material should be emailed to CODA or the advisor.

Advisor: Brittany Bell, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Diversity and Intercultural Center
Co-Chairs: Malcolm Davis and Awa Badiane