Marketing Your Off-Campus Experience

We encourage talking about off-campus study experiences in résumés as a piece of your educational background or a professional experience. Off-campus study programs show potential employers your experiences with diversity, willingness to try new things and ability to take on new challenges outside of your comfort zone. Below are examples for each method:

Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
Bachelor of Arts, June 2016
Majors: Psychology, Spanish
GPA: 3.3

International Study Abroad (ISA) Buenos Aires Program, University of El Salvador,
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fall 2015


  • Completed course work in Latin American culture and society
  • Gained fluency in Spanish
  • Examined effect of decreased access to affordable healthcare on mental health in Argentina for independent research project
  • Communicated effectively with community members during interviews, overcoming linguistic and cultural differences


Off-Campus Study, Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Urban Studies Program, Chicago, IL (Fall 2014)

  • Interviewed five professionals in field of juvenile justice reform for independent study project
  • Navigated city via public transportation and adapted quickly to new environment
  • Researched best recommended practices of community organizing and conducted public presentations on how to be effective community organizers to over 30 nonprofit and community leaders through 10-week internship experience with OrganizeChangeNOW