Meet the Staff

Greg Griffin is the Director of the Student Activities and the Warch Campus Center

Charity Rasmussen is the Assistant Director of Student Activities. She assists student organizations with balancing their budgets, accessing their funding, trip and event planning, and maintaining their rosters. Charity joined Lawrence in 2000 as the alumni records assistant and then transferred to Student Life in 2004.  In Charity's free time she enjoys traveling with her family, spending time outdoors, and gardening.

Nadir Carlson is the Student Activities Coordinator, as well as the Colman-Brokaw Residence Hall Director. He graduated in 2016 from Beloit College with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology. Nadir loves chocolate and a good root beer.

Emily Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Student staff can help you with:

• cash advances
• reimbursements
• deposits
• ordering office supplies
• access to storage areas
• making online purchases
• reserving vans