Welcome to the Office of Student Activities!

If you are seeking information about student organizations and student activities, visit the Office of Student Activities, located on the 4th floor of the Warch Campus Center, or email us at student.activities@lawrence.edu.

Get Involved!

During your time on campus we encourage you to participate in our student organizations, campus-wide activities, student government, or the variety of student-sponsored trips.

Participating in events and organizations at Lawrence will help you to meet new people, try new things, and gain new skills. So, broaden your sense of community with your fellow students—grow your own vegetables in the SLUG garden, or go sledding on Union Hill at the Winter Carnival. You’re sure to find other Lawrentians, like you, having fun and doing something extraordinary!

You can contact the Student Activities staff for help with any questions you may have regarding student activities here at Lawrence.

Starting a new club or organization

Starting a new club or organization? Check out information on these tabs.

Read the Student Organization Handbook (PDF) for procedures as well as tips to help launch a strong new club or organization. If you have questions, email the Office of Student Activities.

Complete the Recognition Request Form to tell us about your proposed group. Someone from the Student Activities Office will be in touch with you soon after the form has been reviewed.

When your new club or organization is approved by LUCC, your group may be eligible for student funds managed by LUCC. When you complete the Funding Request Form, you will be contacted by LUCC representatives regarding your request.

Contact Information

Call the Office of Student Activities at 920-832-6772 weekdays from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. for assistance with forms, financial questions, and more.

Questions about finding an organization, setting up an organization, or getting involved in co-curricular activities can be directed to student.activities@lawrence.edu.

Greg Griffin, Warch Campus Center Director and Welcome Week Organizer

Greg Griffin
Warch Campus Center Director and Welcome Week Organizer

Transportation Options for Students

For your reference, here are transportation options (PDF) when you need to venture off campus this year.  (Many thanks to our friends in the Center for Community Engagement for preparing this list!)

Traveling by bus to Milwaukee, Chicago, or Madison? Check out the Amtrak Thruway & Lamers bus services.

Shuttle service to campus from Minneapolis-Wausau and Chicago-Milwaukee is available at the end of winter and spring breaks. You can find more information here.

LUCC Student Welfare Committee Shopping Shuttle Schedule

Fall 2019

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings

  • Trip 1 - Depart from Wriston Turn-around @ 6pm
  • Trip 2 - Depart from Wriston Turn-around @ 7pm
First & Last Pick-ups:
  • Walgreens: 7:40 & 8:40pm
  • Woodmans: 7:50 & 8:50pm
  • Fox River Mall: 8 & 9pm
  • Walmart: 8:05 and 9:05pm
  • Goodwill: 8:10 and 9:10pm


Saturday Afternoon

  • Trip 1 - Depart Wriston Turn-around @ 4pm
  • Trip 2 - Depart Wriston Turn-around @ 5pm
First & Last Pick-ups:
  • Walgreens: 5:40 & 6:40pm
  • Woodmans: 5:50 & 6:50pm
  • Fox River Mall: 6 & 7pm
  • Walmart: 6:05 and 7:05pm
  • Goodwill: 6:10 and 7:10pm
  • Oriental Food Mart: 6:20 & 7:20pm


Sunday Afternoon

  • Trip 1 - Depart Wriston Turn-around @ 1pm
  • Trip 2 - Depart Wriston Turn-around @ 2pm
First & Last Pick-ups:
  • Walgreens: 2:40 & 3:40pm
  • Woodmans: 2:50 & 3:50pm
  • Fox River Mall: 3 & 4pm
  • Walmart: 3:05 and 4:05pm
  • Goodwill: 3:10 and 4:10pm
  • Oriental Food Mart: 3:20 & 4:20pm