2016-2017 Exhibitions

September 23 – November 23

Leech and Hoffmaster Galleries:

FACET: Diverse Works by Women in the West

In common use, a facet is one of the small cut and polished faces of a gem or the flat, usually smooth face or surface of an object; it is one element or aspect of something that is both distinct in itself and yet still an integral part of the larger whole.


FACET: Diverse Work by Women in the West brings together the work of five artists who hold some features of their artistic identities and practices in common but create singular bodies of sculptural work. The exhibition aims to explore shared concerns like nature, identity, beauty, material, and process through the diverse work of artists Renee Brown, Natalie Macellaio, Jessica McCambly, Lesli Robertson, and Shannon Sullivan. While each artist’s approach to these key concepts is distinctive, FACET will also draw out important connections that reveal larger formal and symbolic relations among the artworks as a cohesive group.

Kohler Gallery:

Arthur Thrall: Tribute to a Master Artist

The paintings and prints of the late Arthur Thrall demonstrate a variety of graphical sources employed by the internationally recognized Wisconsin printmaker. Calligraphy, musical scores, and elegant line all play a role for their gestural, textural, and design quality.  The masterful use of exquisite and dynamic line characterizes all of Thrall’s work.

This exhibition was curated by Mary Chemotti, LU Class of 1970 and Curator of Exhibitions at the Cedarburg Art Museum, with the assistance and support of Win Thrall.

Read an essay about Arthur's work by Mary Chemotti:  Arthur Thrall - biographical essay.pdf.



January 13 – March 12

Leech Gallery:

Dreams of the Floating World: 15 Views of Tokugawa Japan

Fifteen students in Professor Brigid Vance’s fall term Early Modern Japanese History course co-curated this exhibition. The title of the exhibition references Hiroshige’s (1797-1858) famous woodblock prints “One Hundred Views of Edo.” During the term, the students selected, analyzed, matted, and framed woodblock prints from Lawrence University's art collection. As part of the course, students also synthesized Prussian blue pigment in a chemistry lab and then carved their own woodblocks to print. The students wrote the wall texts accompanying each of the thirty prints on display.


Hoffmaster Gallery:

The Fine Print: Women Artists in the Dr. Robert Dickens ’63 Collection of Contemporary Art

Dr. Dickens began collecting art seriously as a medical intern in Madison when he met the artist Warrington Colescott and purchased a print from him. While living in Worcester, he operated his own art gallery that specialized in limited edition graphics and photographs. He has acquired an extensive and varied collection of works on paper, with holdings in photography and contemporary American prints.

In 2016 Dr. Dickens established the Dr. Robert A. Dickens ’63 Collection of Contemporary Works of Art on Paper to commemorate the extensive group of artworks he has donated to the Lawrence University permanent art collection.


Kohler Gallery:

Lawrence University Studio Art Faculty Exhibition

Tony Conrad, Lecturer of Art

Rob Neilson, Frederick R. Layton Professor of Art & Associate Professor 

Benjamin Rinehart, Associate Professor of Art

John Shimon, Associate Professor of Art

Meghan C. Sullivan, Uihlein Fellow of Studio Art



March 31 - May 7

Leech Gallery:

Selections from the Paper Fox Printmaking Collection

This exhibition highlights the growing collection of contemporary prints created on our campus through the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop. Featuring a variety of artists, print processes, and subject matter, this exhibition will also facilitate greater exposure for the Workshop and its mission.


Hoffmaster Gallery:

Tara Bogart, The Burden of my own Immoderation

What does it mean to “have” things? Perhaps for some it means to own a home and fill it with the best TVs, cars, appliances, shoes and clothes. A status symbol, confirmation of success. To have these things show the world that you have money, style, taste, substance.

I have always had a lot of “things.” As a child, my mom and my aunt took me “junking.” On a sunny summer weekend, early in the morning, we would grab the maps, clear the car and head out, to find the most “fantastic” rummage sale and/or flea market. It was in these moments that my desire for “things” developed. Rolling around in the backseat of the car while my mom and aunt discussed more adult topics, I often dug into the bags and looked at the items that had been purchased. A green glass candle holder, a small ornate lamp with a fringe shade, or a beautiful rug with colors that would, no doubt, enhance our living room in some way. I would listen to the way they talked about items we collected and those ideas became part of my vocabulary.


Kohler Gallery:

Tyanna Buie, Irrational in Light of Danger

Signifiers, such as family photographs and familial objects, can elicit a residual emotional response. This exhibition explores a narrative sourced from specific moments throughout my adolescence as I carefully navigated through various accounts of childhood trauma.

Unaware of impending dangers and long-term effects of the abuse and mistreatment I witnessed and experienced at a young age, I now continue to unearth mutual histories within my family and explore past indiscretions. As I find connections passed down from one generation to the next, I am able to gain a deeper understanding of where we started, and where we need to be as individuals and family members.


May 26 – July 2

2017 Senior Art Show 

The annual exhibition of artwork by Lawrence University's senior studio art majors.








July 14 – August 18

Leech and Hoffmaster Galleries:

Wriston Summer Exhibition Series: Kenn Kwint

The Wriston Summer Exhibition Series is an annual summer exhibition in the Wriston Art Galleries intended to engage the Fox Valley community in a conversation about artworks and artists of the Midwest.

During a successful career that has spanned more than 50 years, Milwaukee artist Kenn Kwint has amassed an impressive body of work, including over-sized abstract canvases, prints, paintings of abstract figures and portraits and more. This exhibition will showcase works in the Lawrence University permanent art collection, which were donated by the Kohler Foundation, Inc. of Kohler, WI.