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Winter 2024 Exhibitions

January 12 – March 8

The Night Parade

Leech Gallery 

Kayla Bauer, The End of Somewhere

Hoffmaster Gallery

The End of Somewhere uses San Francisco as a vehicle to explore multiplicities of identity, memory, and history; Kayla Bauer works with photography, text, and found imagery to create fragmentary narratives that may or may not be rooted in reality. Bauer is currently completing a Ph.D at UW-Madison and her MFA thesis exhibition, I Left My Heart…, was awarded the 2022 Russell and Paula Panczenko Prize.

Three squares made of metal refrigerator parts against a white wall with an X made from pantyhose forming an X through the center of each.
Senga Nengudi, A.C.Q. - Cross Eyed; A.C.Q. - Cross Ban; A.C.Q. - Cross Waves, 2016-17, Refrigerator parts and nylon pantyhose, on loan from Art Bridges AB.2017.12

Organic / Inorganic

Kohler Gallery

An exhibition of sculptural works curated around Senga Nengudi’s multi-part A.C.Q. (Air Conditioning Queen) sculpture, on loan from the Art Bridges Foundation. A.C.Q. is a mixed-media installation, composed of found metal refrigerator parts and donated second-hand nylon pantyhose. This juxtaposition of the rigid-industrial-abstract and the elastic-intimate-human give us a means to think through ideas about gender and resilience. Works by Monty Little and others present similarly startling juxtapositions, with isolated elements of the human body paired with and disrupted by pattern and abstraction; they also offer expansive ways of thinking about how these formal cues signal larger ideas about identity and survival.