2009-2010 Exhibitions

September 25 – October 20

Leech Gallery:
Portraits from the Permanent Collection


Hoffmaster Gallery:
Sama Alshaibi: SUMOUD (steadfastness), photography


Kohler Galleries:

Aris Georgiades: Accidentally on Purpose, sculptural installation



October 30 – November 25

Leech Gallery:


Hoffmaster Gallery:
Paul Thulin: Recent Work, photography


Kohler Gallery:
Michael Davidson: Territories, painting


January 22 – March 7

Leech and Hoffmaster Galleries:
Liese Ricketts, photography  


Kohler Gallery:
Gina Rymarcsuk: The Theory of the Meat Machine, digital media


March 29 - May 9

Leech Gallery:
Art Out of Conflict: Early 20th Century Prints & Paintings from the Permanent Collection


Hoffmaster and Kohler Galleries:
Karen Lebergott: The Last Ten Years, installation





May 28 – August 1

2010 Senior Art Show