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Meal Plan Options

Lawrence has completely re-vamped the meal plan offering for the 2019-2020 academic year.  In response to student needs we have abandoned the block meal plan of the past 10 years and adopted more robust weekly meal plans that offer students more meals without a significant increase in the meal plan pricing.  Additionally we are now offering a full meal plan for students who want to eat three meals per day.

Here are the meal plan options for 2019-2020:

19 meal plan with $100.00 culinary cash – for the student who generally eats three meals per day, this allows them to eat every meal offered in Andrew Commons plus have culinary cash.  Cost:  $1,826.00/term

14 meal plan with $225.00 culinary cash – considered the standard meal plan and suitable for the student who only occasionally eats breakfast or chooses to eat a few meals outside of the Commons.  Cost:  $1,757.00/term

9 meal plan with $400.00 culinary cash* – for the student whose busy schedule results in them splitting their meal between Andrew Commons and the Café.  Cost:  $1,735.00/term

$1175 All culinary cash plan* – for the student who wants complete flexibility in managing their dining plan and is not concerned about running out of money for food before the end of the term.  Cost:  $1,740.00/term

*These meal plans are not available to first year students.  First-year students will automatically be placed on the 14 meal plan unless they opt to take the 19 meal plan.

NOTE:  One meal swipe is deducted from first-year students for the Welcome Week class dinner and seniors for senior dinner, respectively, during the week that the event occurs.

Sign up for meal plans through your Voyager account.  The deadline to sign up for a meal plan is just prior to the start of the term.  Changes after that point and up to 3 days into the term will incur a $50 change fee.  Students are highly encouraged to select meal plans for all three terms.  If you do not you risk getting the default 14 meal plan in subsequent terms.  You can still change it prior to the start of the next term.  Voyager will not automatically continue you on a specific meal plan from term to term.

What else is new?  Check out the first draft of planned renovations to campus dining facilities slated to begin December 2019 and be completed by fall 2020:  Facility renovations     A new bold look     More

Learn more about your meal plan - check out the meal plan FAQ page.

The Warch Campus Center has several distinctly different dining options available that are open a combined 17.5 hours per day.  All accept culinary cash, Viking Gold, cash, and credit cards.