Audio and Video Recording Release

Every year IDRS conference hosts provide recordings of performances and presentations from the conference.  These recordings are made available as a service to the conference attendees and IDRS members on a non-commercial basis.  Digital file downloads of audio recordings will be available after the 2017 IDRS conference.  A limited number of CDs will be available for purchase by special request during the conference for a higher price than the digital downloads.

In addition to audio recordings, IDRS will video record select conference events for the society’s archives.  IDRS may edit these video recordings and will make available all or selected portions of the events on the official website of IDRS.

I acknowledge that IDRS conference rules prohibit commercial sales or commercial announcements in or around the concert halls.  Sales of commercial CDs are restricted to the exhibits area.

Please submit this form no later than May 1, 2017.  Thank you!

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