Ariela E. Rosa (English: she/her; Spanish: ella)

A professional photo of a Latina from the chest up with curly hair wearing a yellow necklace
Campus Address
Wilson House
Room 304
Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research

As part of the grants team at Lawrence, I research, write, edit, and manage grants that support institutional priorities, student success, and faculty artistry and research. A large part of my role involves facilitating connections within Lawrence and between the college and the Fox Cities. I most enjoy being involved at the beginning stages when the kernel of an idea just starts to take shape.

Favorite Spot on Campus

The Somerset Room in Warch Campus Center. As a student, I regularly spent 12-14 hour days using that room as a dining hall, study space, and nap center.

Bronx Community College, Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts/Media Studies
Lawrence University, Bachelor of Arts in English
Years at Lawrence