Parking Enforcement: Snow Emergency Provisions

In the event of a snow emergency declared by the City of Appleton, all cars must be moved out of student lots for the purpose of snow removal.

The Facilities Operations office will contract with an outside firm to remove all snow from student lots during a designated time. All students will be informed by the Facilities Operations office that a snow emergency has been called and that snow will be removed from all lots.

Student Snow Emergency Notice

Students will be given 24-hours notice before the snow emergency goes into effect and will be informed of a 12-hour period during which all cars must be moved out of student lots and spaces. After snow has been removed from a particular lot, students may re-park their cars.

The 12-hour snow removal shall not overlap with the period of three hours designated by Appleton city ordinances as the time when cars may not be parked on city streets (2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.). Cars that are not removed from lots during the 12-hour snow removal period will be police ticketed and towed to facilitate snow removal and owners will be subject to all fines and penalties involved.