Supported by a generous $5 million gift from Lawrence graduates Tom and Julie Hurvis, the Hurvis Center for Film Studies is a brand new, state of the art film facility for students.

Equipment Check-out

Students have access to a range of filmmaking equipment including state of the art film cameras, tripods, wireless microphones, light kits, sound equipment, and more.

Available Facilities

The Hurvis Center features the following studios and labs for filmmaking students:

  • 3 screening/classrooms with large flat screens and surround sound audio
  • Computer Lab with 15 computers loaded with programs for a wide range of applications to work on film editing, motion graphics, special effects, audio, photography, musical scoring, and more
  • Edit Lab with 6 high-end editing stations where advanced students can use more processing power on their projects
  • Audio Mix Suite where the audio portion of film projects can be mastered, featuring access to ProTools (industry standard audio editing software) and C24 control surface to manage multiple audio inputs
  • Mix Suite or voiceover room for small audio projects
  • 35x40 Black Box Studio with an 18-feet high light grid with computer controlled light board and large array of lighting instruments, and multiple cycloramas or "cycs" including blacks, TV gray, and Green Screen

Current Film Student? 

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