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At Lawrence, your exploration is not limited to creating films or only studying film theory in a classroomyou’ll meld theory and practice together. You’ll develop a deep knowledge of the art’s form and impactpast, present, and future. You’ll enjoy an individualized path through the study of film history, theory, and production with multiple opportunities to make films in the state-of-the-art film studio as well as study film from classes across an array of disciplines.

Zach Ben-Amots, wearing a pink T-shirt, looks into the camera.

Alumni Perspective

“I definitely found a real passion in archiving, for digging through history. To me, that’s the real appeal of the work. By the time I went to J school, I was eager to dig through data.” 

Zach Ben-Amots ’16
Film Studies
Chicago, Illinois


Senior Experience in Virtual Reality

Christopher Gore-Gammon '17 showcases new opportunities for students to explore VR production at Lawrence.

Film studio with equipment

Gender and Intersectional Identities in Video Games

Explore gender and intersectional identities in video games from an advanced and in-depth level. Analyze literature, multiple video games, and meta-cultural content while exploring the topics of gender and other forms of identity. Produce your own media content and share your findings with the gaming community.

Discover the diversity of film studies course offerings.

Explore the components of a major or minor in film studies.

Learn about the varied expertise of the film studies faculty.

Film studio with equipment

Your lights, your camera, your action

Make your own films in the film studio stocked with cameras, lighting equipment, sound equipment, and post-production editing labs to bring your vision to life.

The Chandler Senior Experience

Drawing on expertise not only in film studies, but also the departments of anthropology, education, gender studies, history, languages, music, and studio art, your Senior Experiences may be research-based or involve the production of film, video or animation. 

Recent Senior Experiences include:

  • Toothsome Pleasures: Vampires, Sexual Deviance, Gender Play (research paper and presentation)
  • I See My Ancestors in My Face (video installation)
  • Never Stop Remembering Magic (film experience)
Graduates at Commencement

Film Studies Outcomes

Opportunities to work in the film industry or bring your knowledge of visual culture to other fields abound no matter your path through the film studies program.

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