Proactive Measures

Lawrence University Honor System
Teaching about citation
Citation tools
  • RefWorks: a web-based citation manager provided by the library, similar in many ways to EndNote or ProCite.  Our subscription to RefWorks lets you create a database of your research.  Bibliographies can be drafted from the entries in your RefWorks database in AAA, ACS, APA, Chicago, and MLA style, plus dozens of formats for publication in specific journals.
  • KnightCite:a product of Hekman Library at Calvin College.   KnightCite drafts individual citations for a variety of print and electronic formats in MLA, APA, and Chicago style.
Assignment design

Detecting Plagiarism

Identify web plagiarism using Google.
  • Search distinctive words or phrases.
    • Search up to 10 terms (Google won't search more than this).
    • Use quotation marks "" around phrases.
    • If you can't pull up a page, use the link to see the cached page.
    • To search Wikipedia for words or phrases from Google, include the expression as part of your search
  • Limitations:
    • You may find results from term paper sites that charge, but you won't be able to read the papers without paying. It may not be worth it.
    • You will not be searching all of the web.
    • You will not be searching proprietary databases, including the full text databases we subscribe to through the library.
Identify plagiarism from subscription databases including these examples:
  • EBSCOhost: contains a wide variety of databases with broad and specialized coverage of academic and general periodicals. Includes full-text for over thousands of titles. Most full text articles will date from the early 1990's to the very near present.  You can search one or more databases at a time from the EBSCOhost platform.
  • Academic OneFile: also has both academic and popular titles. As with EBSCOhost, most articles date from the early 1990's to near present.
  • In any of the library's databases, use the Advanced Search feature if one is available.
    • The default search generally is a keyword search of titles, authors, and subject headings for articles. Use the pull-down search features to be sure that you are searching the full text.
    • Search for distinctive words or phrases.
    • If you are not searching for a phrase, be sure to include the word and between individual terms.
  • Limitations:
    • Most full text databases will not include articles published before the early 1990's.
    • PDF files are a special issue.  You can't search the PDFs available on most full text databases from the search page (JSTOR is the exception) but on the bright side, often PDF text can't be copied and pasted into a document.