In the event of a campus emergency, such as severe weather, incidents near campus, or active hazards/threats on campus, Lawrence University may issue an LU Alert to inform the campus community or to take specific action. The four categories of LU Alert are: Notice, Shelter-in-Place, Lockdown, Evacuation.

Alerts will generally not include detailed information on the unfolding situation. Follow the instructions delivered in the LU Alert as quickly as possible.


Notification of part or all of the campus community of a closure, hazardous situation, or other safety concern that may or may not require immediate action.

For example, a Notice may be sent to inform the campus of loss of power to part or all of the campus and accompanying instructions. A Notice might also be issued to recommend avoiding an area on or nearby the campus. Notices may also be issued in the event of severe or extreme weather that poses a health and/or safety risk to the campus community and the accompanying action, such as a closure or event cancellation.

Always follow instructions, if any, given as a part of a Notice.


Order to remain inside the building or indoor facility where you are at the moment the alert is received. If you are outdoors, get inside the nearest building. Remain indoors until you received additional instructions or an all-clear alert is received.

Exterior doors will not be remotely locked in the event of a Shelter-in-Place, and indoor events such as class sessions, meetings, presentations, and competitions, may continue as planned.


Order to move to a secure location, locking doors or otherwise barricading, shutting down lights, closing blinds/curtains, and being prepared to evacuate. Remain in secure location unless directed to evacuate by University officials or law enforcement, or until an all-clear alert is received.

When a Lockdown is implemented, doors with electronic locks will be automatically locked and University ID access cards will be disabled to restrict access to campus facilities by the threat. If you are outside when a Lockdown is implemented, you should evacuate to an off-campus area away from the threat.


Order to vacate part or all of the campus. Follow evacuation instructions issued in LU Alerts, or those that come directly from University officials or law enforcement. Do not return to evacuated area until an all-clear alert is received.