University regulations require that all students, faculty and staff register their motor vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles and mopeds, with the Dean of Students Office within three working days of bringing the vehicle to campus. There is no charge for registration.

Members of the Lawrence community may park only in those parking areas allocated for their use (See Designated Parking Areas). No parking is permitted in fire lanes, driveways, drop-off zones, sidewalks, lawns or parking areas designated for guests. Members of the community utilizing areas for loading equipment into or out of buildings should so indicate by use of flashers and should not leave vehicles unattended for more than five minutes.

Only bicycles, mopeds with motors disengaged, emergency, maintenance and service vehicles may be operated off normal streets and drives. Operating a motor vehicle or parking on lawns, sidewalks or other areas "off road" constitutes a violation of university policy.

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