Shared Departmental Computer Lab Reservation Policy

This policy exists to guide the Director of Instructional Technology in reviewing requests to use a shared departmental computer lab as a full time meeting location for a course. Labs currently under this policy include:

  • Computational Art & Science Lab (Steitz 128)
  • Humanities Computing Lab (Main 108)

Departmental computer labs are usually, but not always, housed in the same academic building as the department(s) it serves. These labs contain specialized software to support departmental curricula, and as such, those departments will always have priority for scheduling full time or occasional use of the lab.

The Director of Instructional Technology (David Berk) must approve any request to use a shared departmental lab for 10 or more class sessions by a single course in any given term for the labs under this policy (see above).

In some situations, specific blocks of time will not be reservable for full time use in order to coordinate occasional use by multiple departments. For example, courses in the natural sciences that wish to plan for occasional use of a shared departmental computer lab may, as a group, reserve a reasonable block of time for an entire term so as to ensure availability during lab times. In this case, every attempt will be made to schedule full time use at other times in order to maximize scheduling flexibility.

When the number of reservation requests for a single course is fewer than 10 in any given term, direct those requests to the lab's room approver (Leslie Trudell for Steitz 128 and Arno Damerow for Main 108).

Last updated March 25, 2011