Note about Copyright

If you do not own the copyright for the video you wish to share, contact Pete Gilbert.

About the Mobile App

If you or your students use the Stream mobile app to record, DO NOT click the "Quick share" button on the final screen of the upload process as this will unfortunately share the video with the entire campus.  Instead click Save as draft at the bottom of the app and then finish the publish and sharing process from a computer using the steps outlined below.

Upload your video

  1. Begin by logging into Office 365
  2. If you don't see Stream listed among the apps, click the All apps link
  3. Click on Stream
  4. In the menu across the top, click on Create and then select Upload video
  5. Upload your video
  6. Set a default video language
  7. When it completes uploading, click Publish (we'll continue with the other settings below)
  8. By default, all video that you upload is only viewable by you

Give Your Class Viewing Permission

  1. In the Stream menu across the top, click on My content and then select Videos
  2. Click on the video you want to share with your class
  3. Click on the 3 dots next to the Like link underneath the video
  4. Select Update video details
  5. In the Permissions section, DO NOT click the option to share with "everyone in your company" as that will share it with the entire campus
  6. Under Share with change My groups to People
  7. In the Search for People box, type your course subject and number with no space (eg, "chem101") and hit Return.
  8. One or more class lists will appear for you to choose from.  Carefully select the appropriate list.
  9. DO NOT click the "Owner" checkbox unless you need to give that person or group the ability to download, edit, or delete the video
  10. If you need to grant access to other individuals, use the same process as in step 7 above.  You must type the first name of the person you want to share with, hit Return, and then choose from the options.
  11. Click Apply at the top to save the changes
  12. The video should load again
  13. Click the Share link under the video, copy the URL, and post it to Moodle or email it to those that need to view the video.

Hire a student to edit your captions

If you are able to hire a student to clean up your video captions, they will need to be added to the video as an Owner.  To do this, follow the same instructions above for adding a class list, but at step 7, search for the student name, add them and then check the "Owner" checkbox next to their name.  NOTE that this does also give the student the permission to download and delete the video, but it is also the only way to give the student ability to edit captions.

To edit the captions, click the pencil icon in the Transcript area to the right of the video.

Refer to the Captioning Tip Sheet for more information.