There is a very exciting new technology called WebRTC, Web Real-Time communications, now incorporated into Moodle. It can allow students and teachers to record and review audio files (up to a limit of two minutes) directly from within their browsers.

NOTE that this feature requires the use of Firefox or Chrome (it currently does not work with Safari).  It does work on both Mac and Windows 10 computers and also works on Android mobile devices (but not on iOS).

To create an audio assignment in Moodle

  1. Create an Assignment activity in Moodle and select the Online Text submission type.
  2. In your description of the assignment, direct the students to click the microphone icon in the editing toolbar:
    picture showing the microphone icon in Moodle
  3. After clicking the mic icon, students must first grant permission for their browser to access their microphone.
  4. Next, a Start Recording bar will appear.  Press to start recording and again to stop.
  5. A recording can then be previewed by the student and re-recorded if desired.
  6. Students should then click Attach recording and then Save changes to submit the recording.
    picture showing the audio player and the Save changes button