Inst Tech Tools in Voyager

Instructional Technology and Technology Services have collaborated to bring three of our popular instructional technology tools into the world of self service.  You can now create your own Moodle course any time day or night.  Here's how:


  • login to Voyager
  • select Academic Services >> Instructor Menu >> Classes Taught and Scheduled
  • click the "More" link in the "Inst Tech Tools" column next to any current or future course
  • fill out and submit the form

Moodle courses are created automatically on the spot.  Requests for iTunes U courses or Class Share Folders will generate an email to the Helpdesk (eventually, we hope to automate the creation of these resources as well).  If you have any questions about which tool is right for you, call or email David Berk or Jedidiah Rex.


Course materials can be delivered and digital assignments can be easily managed online in Moodle. The open source Learning Management System (LMS) is a feature rich application with an easy-to-use interface designed to supplement classroom activities. A "website in a can," Moodle facilitates communications, promotes peer interactions, and provides a web presence for your course at anytime of the day.

For additional information, see the Moodle section of the Instructional Technology web site.

Streaming Media Folders

Faculty can request a streaming media folder for faculty-produced or student-produced video or audio content.  These folders are often used to share video recordings of student presentations, ensemble rehearsals, guest lectures, etc.  Access to your streaming media folder can be limited to the students enrolled in your course.  These folders are not to be used for distributing copyrighted content.  Please visit the library's e-reserve page for more information about using copyrighted material for course reserve.

For additional information, send an email to

Class Share Folders

A network folder for your class can provide a convenient way for you to share documents with your students (especially materials that are too large to upload to Moodle).  The folder can be setup with different configuration options as described below.  Access is managed automatically throughout the term as students add/drop.  The instructor for the course has the ability to view and save files in all folders, but students have restricted access to certain folders as described below.

SHARE - This folder allows the instructor to share documents with all of the students enrolled in your class.  Students can view but not save files in this folder.
COLLABORATE - The instructor and all students enrolled in the course can both view and save documents into this folder.
individual students - If this option is selected, each student in your course has an individual folder created that he/she can save documents into.  Only the instructor and the individual student have the ability to view and save files in this folder.
There are three tiered configuration options that you can choose from when requesting your class share folder:

  1. SHARE
  3. SHARE and COLLABORATE and individual students

If you only need to share documents with all the students in your course, select option #1.  If you need to privately share documents with individual students, select option #3. If you want a common space for students to write to, but don't need individual student folders, select option #2.

Accessing Class Share Folders

From Lawrence computers, the Class Share folders can be located on the Campus_Share drive (U: on Windows, or double-click the "Campus_Share" icon on Macs).