Lawrence started using the open source learning management system, Moodle, in 2004.  Instructors primarily use Moodle to make materials available to students outside of class.  Moodle can also be used to collect assignments, deliver quizzes, and host discussion forums. There are a number of advanced features available in Moodle as well. Contact Jedidiah Rex for more information.

Important Info

Instructors, you can easily create your own Moodle courses!  Details are provided on the Voyager Inst Tech Tools page.

Moodle courses do not live forever!  See the Moodle data policy page for the details regarding when Moodle sites are deleted.

Online Audio/Video Recorder

microphone iconDid you know that you or your students can now record audio (and video!) directly to Moodle?  On the text editing toolbar, you'll find a microphone and a video camera icon that you can use anywhere in Moodle.  This can be particularly useful if you want your students to submit an audio or video recording as an assignment.


Badges in Moodle are a good way of acknowledging student achievement. Badges may be awarded based on a variety of chosen criteria and are compatible with Mozilla Open Badges. Badges created in Moodle may be displayed on a user's profile or pushed to their Open Badges backpack. More...


See the Moodle Statistics document for information about how Moodle usage has changed since its introduction at Lawrence.