Campus Closures

It's rare, but occasionally extreme weather or other circumstances can result in a campus closure.  If this happens and you want to try and go ahead with your course by doing some activities online, here are some suggestions.

Make a Screen Recording

A screen recording is a video recording of whatever is displayed on your computer screen.  You could make a recording with a PowerPoint presentation, a web browser, or any app.  There are a variety of tools you can use to accomplish this, but we recommend using the Ensemble Video Chrome Extension to easily make a screen recording and automatically have it uploaded to Lawrence's video streaming server. Contact and ask for an Ensemble Library for your screen recordings.

Host a Class Meeting in Zoom

Zoom is Lawrence's preferred web conferencing solution.  You might have used it for interviewing job candidates or to virtually bring in a guest speaker to your class.  Zoom can also be used to host a real time audio/video meeting with your class.  NOTE that in order to bring in more than 2 students with Zoom, you'll need to have your Zoom account upgraded.  Contact to have that done.  Starting a meeting in Zoom will generate a link that you can email to your students.  When students click the link, they'll be prompted to download Zoom to their computer or mobile device.

Have a Asynchronous Discussion in Moodle

Don’t forget about the Moodle discussion forums!  You can easily create a Forum activity anywhere in your Moodle course and have students respond to discussion prompts.  Or, if you'd like to try a realtime discussion...

Have a Realtime Discussion in Yammer

Yammer is Office 365's messaging/chat client.  You can create an Internal Group with Private Access and email your students within Yammer to join the group.  Students can participate either in a web browser or by using the Yammer mobile app.  The advantage of using Yammer over something like Twitter is that students will login with their Lawrence network id and you can control access to the group.

Other Possibilities

There are other realtime collaboration solutions that we will continue to review and add them to this page when we're confident that it is a solid solution.