Active Learning Classrooms

active learning classroomActive Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are a type of learning space designed to support collaborative learning.  The furniture, in some instances, is designed to be reconfigurable to support different group sizes and configurations.  Multiple displays (projectors or TVs) are typically positioned around the room so students can work in groups and also present to the entire class.  Faculty that are interested in experimenting with pedagogies such as the flipped classroom usually find ALCs to be very well suited to supporting "non-lecture" teaching methods. 

This page exists to assist with scheduling priorities and to provide opportunities to use these rooms to faculty who wish to experiment with new forms of active, engaged learning.  Because ALCs often become very popular, we have created a class schedule planning spreadsheet for each ALC on the Lawrence campus.  Faculty can use these spreadsheets to coordinate class schedules before sending classroom requests to the Registrar's office.  These spreadsheets are not official reservation documents.  These spreadsheets are simply made available by Instructional Technology to provide a place for faculty to collaborate and to work out scheduling conflicts.  Please work out scheduling conflicts on your own.

Faculty that wish to reserve an ALC as an occasional meeting space for a class, should use the room reservation system instead (or contact the administrative assistant in your building).  The spreadsheets linked below are only for coordinating the regular meeting location of a class.  

The room capacities are listed below.  Please make sure to reserve the most appropriately-sized room for your instructional needs.

  • Main 401: 30 seats, furniture can be configured in multiple ways
  • Youngchild 041: 48 seats (but crowded at full capacity), furniture is somewhat reconfigurable
  • Briggs 421: 40 seats (35 students PC's plus 5 student laptop connections), furniture is fixed

Click the links below to access the spreadsheets on Office 365.  Remember that your Office 365 username is in the form of: (as in  Once you are logged in, click the "Edit Workbook" option in the upper right to edit the spreadsheet.


Main 401

Youngchild 041

Computer Labs

Briggs 421 *

* Statistics courses have scheduling priority in Briggs 421