Catherine KodatCatherine Gunther Kodat

Provost & Dean of the Faculty

Sampson House, 2nd Floor

For an appointment, contact Sharon Marks (below).

The Provost and Dean of the Faculty is the chief academic officer of the University.  The Provost oversees all academic programs, the hiring and evaluation of faculty, and the disbursement of funds for travel, research, and curricular development. The Provost also chairs the Financial & Physical Planning Committee, serves on the Curriculum Committee, and is a non-voting member of the Governance Committee and the Tenure, Promotion, Reappointment, & Equal Employment Opportunity Committee.

Dr. Kimberly BarrettKimberly Barrett

Associate Dean of the Faculty &
Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

Sampson House, 2nd Floor

For an appointment, contact Emily Bowles at  See the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Responsibilities as associate dean include overseeing initiatives to diversify the faculty and promoting faculty development, diverse curricula, and inclusive pedagogy.

BlitsteinPeter Blitstein

Associate Dean of the Faculty &
Associate Professor of History

Sampson House, 2nd Floor

Responsibilities include chairing the Instruction Committee and the Accreditation & Assessment Committee, overseeing funds for Senior Experience, organizing mentorship for new faculty, and other duties as assigned. The associate dean also acts as chair for university courses and for December Term.

Faculty Meetings (2020-21)

Fall Winter Spring
Tues Sep 22 Tues Jan 12 Tues April 6
Tues Oct 13 Tues Feb 2 Tues April 27
Tues Nov 17 Tues Feb 23 Tues May 18
  Tues March 9 (if needed) Tues June 1




4:30-5:40pm conducted via videoconference.  Sharon Marks will distribute the link before the meeting.

Minutes can be found here. (Minutes prior to 2012-13 are here.)

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