Situated within the liberal arts foundation of the Bachelor of Arts degree, the BA music major welcomes students with diverse backgrounds, abilities, values, passions, and curiosities.  

Whether your musical passion is focused on Western classical, Jazz, singer songwriter, hip hop, pop, global music traditions, music production, musicology, theory, composition, arts management, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, music therapy, or just about any other musical focus you can imagine, this major just might be the perfect fit for you. The flexibility built into this major creates a space in which students can explore their unique voices and interests, and develop their own transformative creativities.

Explore your passions 

The Bachelor of Arts in Music allows you to build a curriculum that aligns with your creative, intellectual, and vocational goals and aspirations.  Students are encouraged to consider synergies between their music work and other elements of their degree work. Explore the 65+ areas of study at Lawrence.

Students relaxing in the Conservatory lounge.


Find Unmatched Instruction

Students will experience and participate in different ways of making music allowing you to work with both the award-winning faculty of the renowned conservatory of music and study with brilliant professors in the nationally ranked liberal arts college. Get to know the conservatory faculty.

John Holiday works with a student.


Explore what makes music music

Students will gain experience with the foundational elements of music - such as time, rhythm, structure pitch, tuning, and timbre - in specific contexts across different traditions. Students delve into music's world-building power, engaging critically and creatively with questions, ideas and sources related to music in cross-cultural and transhistorical contexts.  


Opera students performing.