• Cayla Morton Choral Techniques
  • Matthew Arau rehearsal tech
  • Rachelle Huffman rehearsal tech
  • Intro to music ed
  • Laura Briss choral tech
  • Nathaniel Miller rehearsal tech
  • Rehearsal Techniques Class

Throughout their time at Lawrence our music education students are challenged to stretch their minds in their education courses, grow their technique and musicality in applied lessons, and expand their horizons for the possibilities of teaching by working with our innovative and visionary faculty. Through the combination of all this and close mentorship with faculty and area educators, music education students graduate knowing who they are as a person, as a student, as a performer and most importantly, as an educator.

Dance, improvisation, drumming, and world music traditions play an integral role in our general music classes and our Introduction to Music Education class. We strongly believe in the value of an inclusive and expansive music curriculum, inspiring our students with the breadth of musical richness to, in turn, inspire generations to come. From the Irish dance club to the Gamelan ensemble, the Deep Listening club to the Afro-Cuban drumming ensemble, the improvisation group to the world music concert series – these are just a few examples of the institutional support in place to help our students explore and engage with the wealth of the musical world outside of the Western classical canon. The exposure our students receive gives them a broader understanding and allows them to connect with a wider range of students of all ages and varied backgrounds.

In the Introduction to Music Education course, students learn the fundamentals of teaching and how to incorporate improvisation and creativity into their lessons through hands-on experience. During their time at Lawrence instrumental education students learn the standard band and orchestral instruments while vocal education students have an exposure to the major languages of choral music, and general music students learn guitar, piano and recorder, giving them the tools necessary to excel in the classroom. The capstone instrumental, choral and general music methods and rehearsal techniques courses are taught by professors with years of public and private school teaching experience.

At Lawrence our students not only have the opportunity to study abroad but they have the unique option to student teach abroad, giving them an invaluable cultural immersion, cross-cultural teaching experience and expanding their career prospects exponentially. Our 100% placement rate post-graduation shows without question the strength of our program. Our graduates go on to teach all over the world in rural and urban areas. Not only do our graduates build and create exceptional school music programs many also share their passion on a wider basis by creating community music programs. The 37-year-old Boy Choir program in Appleton is a shining example of Lawrentian music education passion and drive outside of the school classroom. Founded in 1997 by two Lawrence Music Education graduates and a friend, the Appleton Boy Choir has since provided thousands of boys with a community of singers, encouraging them to find their voice as a male singer and sharing their music with the larger community.

Below is a brief introduction of the Music Education Program at Lawrence.  Feel free to contact Dr. Matthew Arau at matthew.r.arau@lawrence.edu for more information!

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