Music education at Lawrence University is a comprehensive, collaborative, and forward-thinking pre-professional training program that prepares you to transform young lives through exceptional music teaching. The Wisconsin K-12 Music Certification you will receive is one of the nation’s most rigorous, respected, and portable teaching certificates.


At Lawrence we believe that music is a birthright. We believe that everyone is a musical being that deserves to unlock their inner musician. We know that music education has the transformational power to change lives, even to save lives.  Teaching music is one of the most important, challenging, and rewarding professions there is.  We take teacher training very seriously, but we also have a lot of fun in the process. Our cutting-edge music education program is designed to prepare the next generation of innovative, forward-thinking, world-changing music educators for the challenges of the 21st century classroom. 

  • Helping the world see why music—like

    reading, writing, and speaking—is a birthright.

  • Lighting the fire for music in people of all ages and abilities.
  • Continuing to grow as a musician yourself.
  • Cutting edge and innovative approaches to teaching music.
  • Learning how to teach from expert
  • An instrument in one of our applied studios (required)
  • Music performance  
  • Music theory  
  • Music composition  
  • Social sciences 
  • English  
  • Languages


Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Education (elementary, middle, secondary, and higher ed); orchestral directing; band directing; school counseling; ministry and pastoral work; business and sales; private music instruction

Recent employers include...

The program has historically enjoyed a 100% placement rate in rural and urban schools and programs throughout Wisconsin, as well as all over the world. Lawrentians are also working at Georgetown University, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Knights on Broadway, RBC Wealth Management, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Suzuki Violin, and the U.S. Air Force

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

Music education, music performance, education, journalism, computer science

Recent schools include...

Baylor University, University of Chicago, Hamline University, Loyola University, Northwestern University, Queens College, Wesleyan University, Western Michigan University

Learn from professors who will motivate you as a teacher and musician.

Unlike at most large music programs, here you will study directly with our professors—themselves national leaders in music education and music performers—who lead by example, inspiring you to grow as a musician and a teacher. All instrumental techniques courses are taught by our studio professors, enabling you to teach best-in-class methods to your own students.

Perform at the same high level as performance majors.

You will benefit from the same music performance preparation as our performance majors, ensuring that you will graduate as an educator who can model excellent musicianship for your students.

Study in an inclusive and expansive music curriculum.

From traditional Western classical music to jazz, world music, the Irish dance club, to Gamelan ensembles, Deep Listening, Afro-Cuban drumming, body beats and improvisation group, you will develop a broad music vocabulary to connect with and inspire students of all ages and backgrounds.

Educate all learners as a student teacher.

Through the Lawrence Academy of Music, a nonprofit division of Lawrence, you can teach students of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. You can expand your civic engagement through music with programs like Appleton Boy Choir, the Appleton Boys and Girls Club or a special needs program through the Fox Valley Symphony—not to mention your own student teaching experience.

Components of the Major

Psychology of Learning

Sociology of Education

Ethnicity, Cultural Diversity, and Education

Educating all Learners—Music

Introduction to Music Education
Conducting Principles

Advanced Methods in Teaching Music

Student Teaching for one semester

One natural or physical science course

One mathematics course
Ten courses other than in music

At least six terms of applied individual instruction

Ensemble participation every term in Appleton

Additional coursework in general music, choral music, instrumental music, choral/general, or instrumental/general. 

Course descriptions and more courses

The Chandler Senior Experience

Student teaching is the culminating Senior Experience for music education students. You will be placed for a period of 18 weeks at the secondary and/or elementary level, and will work closely with a mentor teacher to gain professional knowledge and skills to prepare you for state certification licensure in Wisconsin. You will also create a professional electronic portfolio that includes lesson plans, a philosophical statement, resume, assessments, audio and video examples of your teaching—all of which will demonstrate your range and scope as a top-class music educator. Some music education students have also studied Suzuki in Argentina, Ewe drumming and dancing in Ghana, samba drumming in Brazil, and penny whistle pedagogy in Ireland as part of their distinctive Senior Experience projects.