Lawrence Symphony Orchestra in performance

Introducing Con Brio

Con Brio is the Lawrence Conservatory’s web-based virtual residency for the Conservatory’s newly enrolled students. In delivering content-based activity for departments of the Conservatory, Con Brio provides a view of the life and activity of Conservatory students, helps incoming students understand the expectations of the Conservatory environment, and enables students to acquire learning strategies, practice methods, and study skills necessary for success in their college-level music study at the Lawrence Conservatory of Music. Con Brio’s Music Theory Fundamentals E-course introduces foundational content of music theory and aural skills, providing students an opportunity to develop mastery of this essential material before beginning classes in their Freshman year.

Students interested in learning about the activity of students at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music can begin exploring Con Brio at any time. Click here for more information.