Interested in spending a weekend at Björklunden? Learn about how to apply, when you'll depart, and much more below.  Once you've familiarised yourself with the process and shared the information with all participants, you'll be ready to experience all of the opportunities we have to offer.

Applications are now open!

Björklunden Policies and Procedures

Learn everything you need to know about the application process and our policies.  If you have questions that are not answered here, you may contact Kim at

All groups must complete the application form

Please note that the application form is for both student- and faculty/staff-led groups.  Applications for Fall Term 2024 will open on April 1.

Consider available dates

Use the LU Calendar to find potential conflicts with your group. Select three viable dates and clearly explain your circumstances. Also, know that many groups want to come up at the beginning of each term to get off to a good start. Please also consider weekends later in the term to focus on continuing your group's efforts.

Conservatively estimate the number of participants

Björklunden experiences about a 14% drop-out rate from the estimated number of participants to those actually arriving at Björklunden. That means about 90 spots go unfilled each term!  If you have 50 members in your group but only 15 come to regular group meetings, a conservative estimate might be 20 total participants. If you want all 50 members of your group to come, you must take the necessary measures to guarantee that 50 people will come! Also, note that you may be asked to lower your estimate to accommodate your group as well as others.  Groups that cancel or bring fewer participants than expected will be given a lower priority during scheduling in the future.

Seek approval

Student-led groups: Your application will be reviewed by the Campus Life Office.  When you submit your online application, they will receive a copy and will email you regarding your submission. Applications are considered based on the order of submission, so apply early!

Confirm your reservation

Once the scheduling process is complete, you will be contacted by Björklunden with your dates and participant allowance. To confirm your group's reservation, respond quickly to this e-mail and confirm with us that both the dates and number of participants are accurate.

Complete the registration packet

Shortly before your arrival you will receive your registration packet via e-mail. It may seem like a lot of reading, but it is all very important!  It contains information that will help you clarify your weekend and help us to meet all of your needs while you are here. This information is needed to plan for your transportation, food, and lodging. You will need to return the completed attachment to Kim via e-mail by the MONDAY BEFORE your visit. You should also know that all group leaders receive reminders and other info from Björklunden. Check your email frequently throughout the week prior to your visit for important information, updates, and changes. If you have any problems or questions, email Kim at or call her at (920) 839-2216.

Understand the Björklunden "opportunities"

The Björklunden experience would not exist without the generosity of hundreds of donors who make your stay possible.  An "opportunity" is a way for participants to "give back", to express their gratitude for the chance to spend a weekend here! Additionally, the opportunity program ensures your visit with us runs smoothly and efficiently.  When scheduling your weekend activities, PLEASE be sure to leave time before and after meals as well as on Sunday morning for participants to complete their assigned opportunities.

Adhere to our policies

  • Drugs and alcohol are FORBIDDEN on the bus and at Björklunden. Smoking is not allowed in the lodge.
  • Please share the Björklunden policies with ALL of your participants.
  • Please be sure your participants eat dinner on campus before departure. The buses will not stop on the way to Björklunden.
  • The Studio and Stabbur are only used as overflow housing.
  • Pets are not allowed in the main lodge.  Please contact Kim with questions regarding pets.

Communicate changes

Nearly every group experiences last-minute changes during the week leading up to their arrival at Björklunden. Please communicate any changes to Kim as soon as possible. Since we often have groups with students on a waitlist, the earlier we know about changes or cancellations, the better. That way, if one group loses participants, another group can add to their waitlist.

Plan for your Friday departure

The buses will now be picking up and dropping off every weekend at the Conservatory--Washington Street Turnaround.  Inform your group members to arrive at least ten minutes prior to the 6:00 p.m. Friday departure. 


Once you arrive at Björklunden, your planning, persistence, and thorough communication will have paid off! You will be able to achieve the goals you have set and, of course, have a lot of fun besides!