Mug of Bojdak Yates
Itai Bojdak Yates

Itai Bojdak-Yates, an environmental studies major and geoscience and data science minor, chose Lawrence because he appreciated the atmosphere around the academics. He said professors and students seemed excited to be on campus and to learn. He also welcomed the opportunity to run for Lawrence’s track and cross-country teams.

In his first year at Lawrence, Bojdak-Yates took Intro to Environmental Science and Natural Hazards, which lit the initial spark and got him excited to learn more about environmental studies and geoscience. The junior from Berkeley, California, has always been passionate about the environment and concerned about related issues, so he didn’t hesitate to declare his major.

“The classes I’ve taken have been enjoyable and interesting and I’ve gotten to work with some excellent professors and peers,” Bojdak-Yates said.

His experience at Lawrence has included developing close friendships with others on the track and cross-country teams. 

“It’s been wonderful to have a group of people to hang out with, eat meals and get advice from,” he said.

Bojdak-Yates said he hopes to work with conservation crews after graduating. He’ll also eventually attend graduate school, he said, and wants to then pursue a career in land management and conservation or possibly research climate change.

Quick Facts

Name: Itai Bojdak-Yates

Class: 2023

Area(s) of study: Environmental studies 

Hometown: Berkeley, California