Over the course of a single day in late August, more than 100 student-athletes stepped in front of the camera in Alexander Gym. It was the first-ever Media Day for Lawrence Athletics, and the energy in the room was exhilarating.

Our Lawrence athletes were ready for this. So was I.

A simple white background and three camera flashes set the scene, and the students brought enthusiasm all day long. It was a joy to see all the smiling faces as we moved closer to a new academic year, one in which all of our athletic teams have returned to competition. We’re “Brighter Together,” and we certainly were on this day.

The goal was to collect a series of photos for each fall sports team that could be used on social media, on the university’s website, and in various print publications. My hope was to really get a sense of the personality of each athlete as they stepped in front of the camera—all while their teammates and friends helped to hype them up. I think we achieved that. 

It was a pleasure to help coordinate and photograph this fall’s amazing group of student-athletes. Some of my favorite images from the day are shared here in the first of what will be a monthly photo essay series from across the Lawrence campus.  

Cross Country runner Julian Garcia holding running shoes
Julian Garcia, Men’s Cross Country
Volleyball player Sophia Galassini holding a volleyball
Sophia Galassini, Volleyball
Football players Drevian Archibald and Prince Mukuna point to one another.
Drevian Archibald & Prince Mukuna, Football
Cross Country runner Althea Foster hold up peace signs
Althea Foster, Women’s Cross Country
Soccer player Mark Todd holds Brazilian flag
Mark Todd, Men’s Soccer
Soccer player Ellie Younger poses on a chair while holding a soccer ball under one foot.
Ellie Younger, Women’s Soccer
Soccer player Hanna Knudsen in midair
Hanna Knudsen, Women’s Soccer
Volleyball player Marife Entenza poses with volleyball
Marife Entenza, Volleyball
Tennis player Fanta Jatta holds a tennis racket
Fanta Jatta, Women’s Tennis
Soccer player Elliot Mueller balances a soccer ball on his forehead
Elliot Mueller, Men’s Soccer
Cross Country runner Riley Winebrenner poses for camera
Riley Winebrenner, Women’s Cross Country
Football player Zachary Adams holds sword over his head
Zachary Adams, Football
Cross country runner Adam Bruce shows off his biceps
Adam Bruce, Men’s Cross Country
Cross country runner Natalie Anderson in a running pose mid-air
Natalie Anderson, Women’s Cross Country
Soccer player Cambrie Rickard points to the back of her jersey
Cambrie Rickard, Women’s Soccer
Football players Billy Wallisch and Nick Pastrone look off in opposite directions
Billy Wallisch & Nick Pastrone, Football
Volleyball player Jordan Adamson holds up a volleyball net
Jordan Adamson, Volleyball
Tennis player Lauren Aturaliya holds her racket, ready to swing
Lauren Aturaliya, Women’s Tennis
Soccer player Leo Decorte looks over his shoulder with his back to the camera
Leo Decorte, Men’s Soccer