Taking the time to chat one-on-one with a representative from Lawrence in your junior or senior year is a great way to explore how Lawrence University fits with your talents and aspirations. Our interviews are a relaxed, friendly one-on-one conversation typically lasting 30-45 minutes. 

Interviews are recommended for all applicants, but not required. Additional information we may learn about you in the conversation will be considered during our application review process. We treat each option equally in the admissions process.

On-campus Interviews

As part of your campus visit, you have the option of interviewing with one of our admission counselors. The two of you can discuss your life inside and outside the classroom, as well as what you hope your life will be at and after college.

Interviews are offered as part of the Lawrence 201 experience, which you'll see when you jump over to our visit page by clicking below.

On-campus interviews

Regional or Virtual Interviews

When members of the admissions team are on the road, we enjoy having the chance to interview students. Please note: priority is given to high school juniors/seniors and transfer students. Click below to see when Interviews on the Road are taking place near you. If we aren't going to be in your neck of the woods, you are encouraged to schedule a virtual interview with a member of the admissions team.

Regional Interviews

Virtual Interviews

Benefits of an Interview/Admissions Conversations

At the start of your college search:

Have a chance to learn about all LU has to offer and the application and financial aid processes

After you submitted an application:

Have a chance to talk about who you are outside of the paper application to a member of the LU community and ask specific questions pertaining to your interests

After you have been accepted:

Have a chance to learn the differences between your narrowed list of final choices and ask your questions about campus life and life after Lawrence

Helpful Hints/Tips

Be prepared for an engaging conversation. We'll ask you some questions, and look forward to answering whatever questions you might have.

Examples of questions you may be asked:

Tell me about your high school and your particular high school experience.

What do you like to do or what keeps you busy during your spare time?

What would you like your college experience to be like?

Examples of questions you should be comfortable asking:

Can you explain the Lawrence admissions process?

What do Lawrence students do on the weekends?

How will the Lawrence Conservatory impact my life as a student if I’m not a musician/if I am a musician?

Should family members/friends be part of the conversation?

Our Interviews/Admissions Conversations are structured to allow us to get to know you better individually while sharing more about how Lawrence may match with your interests and goals. At the end of our conversation, we will invite any guests with you to join us so we can answer any additional questions you all may have.

How to prepare if you are talking on Phone/Video

Find a quiet place and ensure you have a strong signal or connection.

Be ready to connect at the scheduled time. Let us know ahead of time if you need to reschedule..

Please give the interview your full attention-give your homework and phone apps a break until the interview is over.

*For Video only: Dress how you would for an in-person interview. Formal wear isn't required, but it's best not to be in your pajamas.

How are alumni admissions conversations different than conversations with admissions counselors?

Interviews/Admissions Conversations with alumni ambassadors are two-way conversations and will be treated the same as if they were conducted by a member of the admissions staff. They want to learn about you as you learn about LU. Your alumni admissions volunteers will meet you somewhere in your community, like a coffee shop or a library at a time that works best for your schedule.

Lawrence on the Road

Throughout the year the Lawrence admissions team travels the world in search of new Lawrentians. Check out the list of our upcoming high school visits and college fairs to see if we will be coming to a town near you soon.

Lawrence on the Road