Travel Piece Brochure CoverTravel Piece (PDF)

Found in college fairs all over the world (because we carry them with us wherever we go), this brochure is designed to give you a quick look at Lawrence’s rigorous academics, welcoming community, and preparation for a rapidly changing world. 


New Student ProfileNew Student Profile (PDF)

Wonder what 400 freshmen look like academically? Where they come from? Which of them is such an accomplished baker that his work earned him a county fair blue ribbon, or which is the 29th member of her family to attend Lawrence? Wonder no more when you dive into this brochure. 


International Travel Piece

International Admissions Brochure (PDF)

This guide to admissions procedures for international students (more than 10% of all Lawrentians) also includes helpful and interesting facts about Lawrence’s academics, community, and post-graduate preparation. 


Conservatory Brochure cover

Conservatory Brochure (PDF)

Classical, jazz, and world music form the foundation for a conservatory of music that is changing the way people think about musicianship in the 21st century. Learn more about ensembles, audition guidelines, and musical opportunities for music majors and non-music majors. 


Academics BrochureAcademics Brochure (PDF)

The hallmark of a Lawrence education is a rigorous and challenging curriculum designed to lift you as it pushes you. Learn more about what “Engaged Learning” means, and why the number 1 is so big around here.


Community BrochureLawrence Community (PDF)

Our 1,500 Lawrentians are chemists and cellists, philosophers and philanthropists, anthropologists and athletes (often all in the same person). Look here if you want to learn more about our unique, diverse, multi-interested community. 



Lawrence OutcomesLawrence Outcomes (PDF)

Your college years are when you prepare for yourself for your entire life—and all the twists and turns, planned and unplanned—your life will take. Take a gander at the ways Lawrence helps you prepare for your future.

LUX Readers


LUX Reader Freshman StudiesPart I: Freshman Studies (PDF)

In your second term of Freshman Studies, you will strengthen your skills as a college-level reader, thinker, writer, speaker and debater, filling up the toolbox you’ll carry into the rest of your work at Lawrence... and beyond.


LUX Reader Senior Experience Part II: Chandler Senior Experience (PDF)

Four years from now, you will likely be working toward the completion of your Chandler Senior Experience at Lawrence. The years building up to that will have been a journey unique to you—combining your developing interests and passions with opportunities to pursue them deeply, and with the help of your fellow Lawrentians and professors along the way.


Part III: Lawrence University Research Experience (PDF)

At Lawrence University, you will have abundant opportunities for student-directed, faculty-mentored research, whether it’s with our professors here on campus, with our alumni who are professors in major research universities around the world, or even in outside programs you choose to pursue on your own.



Part IV: Study Abroad (PDF)

One critical thread through every Lawrentian’s experience is the option to study abroad. With a deep institutional commitment to term-long (or longer) study abroad programs, as well as an array of shorter-term programs and travelling classrooms, Lawrence offers study abroad options for every major.

Admissions Social Media Accounts Policy

Lawrence University Admissions oversees official class year social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram; we abide by each sites’ specific guidelines as well as Lawrence University’s Social Media Policies & Guidelines regarding appropriate content.

Lawrentians are not to use official class year media accounts for content, comments, or imagery that is harassing, threatening, discriminatory, profane, obscene, sexually explicit, or derogatory in nature. 

Additionally, all Lawrentians are expected to use social media in a manner that complies with Lawrence University regulations, policies, and procedures documented in the Student, Staff and Faculty Handbook(s) including but not limited to:

• Sexual Misconduct Policy
• Harassment Policy
• Employee Standard of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy
• Employee Dispute Resolution Policy
• Code of Student Responsibility

Users of social media websites are personally responsible for their commentary. Users can be held personally liable for commentary that is considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous to any offended party.