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What We Consider

Lawrence features students from around the country and around the globe, each one an individual, and yet they all share some important similarities.

+ Academicsgrads

Academics matter, and not just getting the A and calling it a day. We look for students who have challenged themselves with AP or IB classwork and have also experienced success in those classes. Typical Lawrence students average a 3.65GPA with ACT scores coming in between a 26 and a 31, and combined SAT scores coming in between a 1755 to a 1940. We also find that students who are unusually motivated to pursue their academic interests fare well at Lawrence. This is especially true of students who have already taken part in research opportunities, or who have created research opportunities all on their own.

+ Extracurricular Activities

We also look at how involved students are in school and in life outside the classroom. Participation in sports, music, community service and other personal endeavors demonstrate a student's motivation to grow and contribute to the world. Lawrence recognizes the value of volunteering not only for the sake of doing some good, but to help a student grow in their particular interests (the best thing an aspiring doctor can do is volunteer at hospitals and clinics!).

+ Honesty

Honesty is key, especially on the application portion of the essay. That particular portion of the application allows a student to explain who they are, to give us a sense of their background and how it shaped them. Students need to understand how freeing the essay is, they can put their passions and feelings on paper to help them connect with the best possible college match.

+ Test Scores

Test scores. At Lawrence, these are optional. The best advice you can give to any student who asks if they should submit their test scores is to figure out whether or not the student feels like that scores represents his or her abilities. Is the student happy with the score? If yes, submit, and if no, don't submit. Also important to consider is, of course, the middle 50% test score on campus.

+ Admission Interview

The interview is one of the most effective ways for us to determine if any student would make a good Lawrentian. Interviews are not required but recommended for all applicants. Interviews with Lawrence University admission counselors tend to be different than interviews at many other colleges and universities. It's very much a two-way street, a chance for counselors to get to know students and an opportunity for students to understand life at Lawrence. Click here for a student request an interview.

Understanding the College and the Conservatory

Lawrence is a university not because we offer graduate classes but because we have two degree-granting bodies under one roof: a college of arts and sciences and a conservatory of music. Between the two, we offer four degrees, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), a Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.), a Bachelor of Musical Arts (B.M.A., new as of Fall 2019), and a combined 5-year B.A./B.Mus. Understanding how these work can be challenging but hopefully this information will help you better explain it to the students with which you'll be working.

To begin, there are four primary paths students interested in majoring in music can take. Click on the links below to learn more. 

Bachelor of Music degree

Students pursuing the B.Mus will spend 2/3 of their time in the Conservatory and 1/3 of their time in the College.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music

Students pursuing the B.A. in Music will spend 1/3 of their time in the Conservatory and 2/3 of their time in the College.

Bachelor of Musical Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation degree

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Musical Arts will pursue a track in Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation.  About half of their time will be spent in the Conservatory and half of their time will be in the College. They will also be required to complete a secondary cognate of classes (similar to a minor) in another academic subject.

Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts (double degree)

Students pursuing both a B.Mus and B.A. will spend 1/2 of their time in the Conservatory and 1/2 of their time in the College (and yes, their financial aid will carry over into their fifth year!)

To learn more about the individual degree programs and FAQs, please click here.

*For those not interested in majoring in music but would like to be involved in music as an extra-curricular, all of the conservatory ensembles are open to anyone by audition, and some classes are available for non-music majors.

In the cases of B.Mus, B.A. in Music, B.M.A., and 5 year double degree, students are required to submit a music audition. The other nitty-gritty details of applying to the College and the Conservatory are outlined below.

+ Applying to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Applying to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is as traditional as you imagine in relation to the application process at many other liberal arts institutions. We have three primary deadlines (two Early Action dates on November 1 and December 1, and a Regular Decision deadline on January 15) and students are notified shortly after each deadline (December 15, January 25, and April 1, respectively). The materials we require are listed below:

  • Common Application or the Lawrence App
  • School Transcripts
  • School Report
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Interview (Optional but Recommended)
  • Test Scores (Optional)

+ Applying to the Conservatory of Music

Applying to the Conservatory of Music is a little more unique in that unlike the traditional College, students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Musical Arts, double degree, or a Bachelor of Arts in music at Lawrence are applying to a specific music degree program. Musicians can apply Early Action 1 (November 1 deadline) or Regular Decision (January 15 deadline) and are required to submit the extra application materials listed below in addition to the BA requirements listed above:

  • Music Teacher Evaluation
  • Music Resume
  • Audition Registration Form

Lawrence offers these distinct options so that students can fully realize their educational goals.

AP, IB, and College Credit Information

Lawrence wants to reward students who have elected to challenge themselves with AP, IB, or college classes.

+ Internal Baccalaureate (IB)

Credit may be awarded for examinations in subject areas applicable to the liberal arts curriculum at Lawrence University where a student has earned a score of 5, 6, or 7. Students who have earned an IB diploma may receive 6 units of credit for each IB higher-level examination and 3 units of credit for each subsidiary-level examination. Students who have not earned an IB diploma but have completed individual IB examinations may receive 6 units of credit for each higher-level examination. A maximum of 48 units of credit may be awarded. 

Credit awarded for IB examinations will be applied to competency and diversity General Education Requirements as appropriate. Such credit may not be applied to distribution requirements. Individual departments will determine whether advanced-placement credit fulfills major or minor requirements and the placement of students who wish to undertake further work in that discipline.

+ Advance Placement (AP)

Lawrence will give 6 units in the appropriate discipline for a score of 4 or 5 on an advanced placement examination, except for multiple
examinations with substantial shared material, for which the credit granted may be limited to 6 units. Individual departments may decide to award additional credit.

Credit awarded for advanced-placement examinations may be used to fulfill the competency and diversity General Education Requirements as appropriate. Such credit may not be applied to distribution requirements. Individual departments will determine whether advanced-placement credit fulfills major or minor requirements and the placement of students who wish to undertake further work in that discipline

+ College Credits

This one is easy. Students who have taken college-level courses while in high school may be granted up to 42 Lawrence units for such work.

International, Home Schooled, and Transfer Students

Lawrence encourages international, home schooled, and transfer students to apply. The information below serves as a resource for how exactly we work with different kinds of students. Select any of the options below to learn more.

+ International Students

With over 12% of our 1,500 undergraduates coming from more than 50 countries beyond the U.S., our warm and welcoming community is one of the most internationally diverse in the country. Offering 50+ study abroad programs, a campus in London, and a powerful alumni network spanning six continents, Lawrence prepares graduates to be globally engaged citizens.

Lawrence offers numerous resources and support to ensure our international students will thrive and succeed at Lawrence and after graduating from Lawrence. From visa assistance, airport pick ups, English as a Second Language support, break housing, and student programming to Friendship Families and Lawrence International, one of our largest student organizations, working to increase awareness and integration of international cultures through dances, ethnic dinners, picnics and many other events including our annual Cabaret.

The primary dates and deadlines for international student applicants are the same as for domestic students. There are a few additional admission requirements for international students related to verbal and written English proficiency. Students who receive scores below the ones listed here have historically struggled at LU. (Lawrence's TOEFL and SAT code is 1398. For the ACT, it is 4596.)

  • Lawrence requires a TOEFL score of 80
  • An IELTS of 6.5 out of 9 overall band score
  • A 550 out of 800 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion of the SAT
  • A 24 out of 36 on the English/Writing portion of the ACT
  • A minimum of 176 on the Cambridge English

Financial aid is available, and students who can contribute a minimum of $25,000 per year toward their education at Lawrence are more competitive. There is not a separate scholarship form but students are asked to complete an International Estimate of Family Contribution form (IEFC). Students complete the IEFC by logging into their online application status portal. In addition to the IEFC form, international students must also supply one the following items.

  • A current official bank statement
  • A letter or other documentation from an employer verifying parent income
  • A letter and bank statement from a private sponsor
  • Letter of financial support from sponsor program

International students transferring their current I-20 from a US High School will be asked to submit current financial statements and complete the IEFC.

Applications to Lawrence are complete when all academic and financial documentation is received by the University. If any of your students are having difficulty completing financial requirements or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: Marcy O'Malley, Director of International Admissions and Katie Seidel, Associate Director of Admissions.

+ Homeschooled Students

Lawrence welcomes applications from homeschooled students, who often find themselves particularly well-suited to take advantage of Lawrence's high degree of challenge through individualized coursework. Even if students aren't enrolled in a typical high school, they may be completing their degree under the umbrella of a degree-granting organization, in which case we simply need documentation from them. We will also accept a GED or HSED as evidence of a student's coursework. In the absence of these items, however, the following items are very helpful.

  • Grades from community college or other post-secondary level courses 
  • Scores from AP tests
  • Recommendations from qualified tutors or teachers
  • Examples of independent research
  • Evidence of completed units in science, mathematics or other academic subjects, or descriptions of books and other curricular materials used and mastered in preparation for college-level courses

Although Lawrence University does not require applicants to submit standardized test results in their admission review, we have found such test results to be helpful in ascertaining our homeschooled applicants' academic preparedness. To that end, we encourage homeschooled students to submit their standardized test results with their applications for admission.

+ Transfer Students

To begin with, dates and deadlines are different for transfer students.

  • Fall Term applicants must complete by August 1 and will be notified on a rolling basis.
  • Winter Term applicants must complete by November 1 and will be notified November 15
  • Spring term applicants must complete by February 1 and will be notified February 15

If you completed an application to Lawrence within the past two years, you may reactivate your previous application folder by writing or emailing the admissions office. There is no application fee required for reactivation. Lawrence is a residential college—by design and policy—and students are required to live on campus. Exceptions are granted only to fifth-year students (including those starting their fifth year after high school), married students, students with a documented domestic partner, and/or students with dependent children.

Athletics at Lawrence

At Lawrence, 25% of students are actively involved in one of our 21 varsity teams (including hockey!), all of which are listed below.

+ Varsity Teams

Cross Country
Swimming & Diving

Many others participate in intramural and club sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton, and indoor soccer.

What some students don't know is that to get on the coach's radar, they need to inquire through an athletic inquiry form. For your convenience, we have linked it below.

Athletic Inquiry Form

More information, like team schedules, live webcasts and coach information, can be located on the athletics pages on Lawrence's website.

What We Find Helpful

First, we feel like we should express our gratitude for everything you are doing with students. Whether it's guiding them to find the right schools or providing those schools with forms and facts, it's all work we appreciate. 

+ School Report

Speaking of forms, let's talk about the School Reoprt. Two of the most important statistics for us are the number of AP and IB courses offered as well as the percentage of students heading to a four year college or university after graduation. The other thing we really find valuable is any explanation of inconsistencies in the application. For example, if a student has straight A's until the first semester of his or her junior year and receives a D or a few C marks before returning to A's again at the end of the year, it's helpful if we know why.

+ Recommendations

The same is true of any recommendations a student may want to submit. Recommendations that give the student glowing reviews often help reinforce what we learn about them through their grades, essay, and activities, but it's the really specific stuff we love to see. These sorts of specifics can be anything from stories about overcoming personal struggles, explaining accomplishments the student was too humble to mention, and even covering difficult life experiences.

Visit Lawrence

We really like our campus, and we'd like to show you why we're so fond of it. That's why we want to encourage counselors to take time out of their busy schedule and stop by Lawrence for a personal tour. We've even created a form for your convenience.

Visit Lawrence

Your Connection to Lawrence

The Office of Admissions is stuffed with eager, friendly folks who want to connect with you. Curious where your student is at in the application process? Wondering what kinds of opportunities are available for your advisees? Interested in learning more about Appleton? Our counselors are ready and willing to keep in contact with you.

Visit our Connect page for contact information and strike up a dialog with your counselor on campus.

How Can We Help?

If you have suggestions on ways we can better aid your counseling efforts, give us some feedback! It's not even a long, annoying survey so much as it is a space for you to put your thoughts in digital ink and then have those thoughts transported instantly to us here at Lawrence.

Feedback Zone

Our goal is to make this webpage a resource and your help toward that end is very much appreciated.

Let Us Be a Resource

The well-trained professionals in the Lawrence admissions office are willing and able (and excited) to serve as a resource to you and the students you work with. One of the ways we help is by sharing our wisdom via special presentations on a variety of topics. You can see a list of those presentations below:

  • Off to College - Now What? Advice to Parents of Departing Seniors
  • Boys: How & Why they Behave Differently in the College Selection Process
  • Admissions Interviews: What they are and Why they Might be Important
  • Mock Admissions: A Workshop
  • Finding Your Right Fit College
  • What do Colleges Really Want from those Supplemental Application Prompts?
  • Division III Athletics and How it Differs from DI in Recruiting and Expectations
  • Guiding the Young Musician Through Application and Audition
  • Opportunities in the Fine Arts
  • What Does Holistic Admissions Mean?
  • Selective College Admissions for CBO Students
  • Getting Ready to Write Your College Essay
  • Colleges That Change Lives: Student-Centered Admissions

Reach out to us at admissions@lawrence.edu to schedule a presentation.