Engaged Learning is what characterizes a Lawrence education and distinguishes Lawrentians. By actively engaging in challenging and meaningful learning experiences with faculty and your peers—exploring, debating, researching, creating, practicing, performing—you will be prepared to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world.


Powered by an 8.5 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio, Lawrence University offers more high-impact learning environments than nearly every other college in the country, allowing you more opportunities for meaningful work with your professors to collaborate at a level that is rare in higher education.

We take learning personally here, and devote extraordinary resources to create a highly personalized educational experience. Consider, for example, the average sizes of the 2,000 courses we teach each year:

Whether it is a research project in the laboratory of one of your Lawrence professors, a one-on-one tutorial with a humanities professor, studio lessons in the conservatory, or a guided project, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your professors and fellow classmates at a level that is rare in higher education.

And why does this matter?

In surveys of thousands of college graduates, Gallup finds that college graduates who not only engaged in high-impact learning but also had strong encouragement from their professors are significantly more likely to be "engaged in their work and thriving in their well-being later in life."

Which may explain why Lawrence graduates tend to report, at a level that outpaces their peers, that they are thriving in their lives not just six months after graduation, but long after that, by many measures:

  • mid-career salaries among the highest in the country for national liberal arts college grads;
  • sector-leading percentage that report their jobs have "high meaning" (according to The Princeton Review's Colleges That Pay You Back, 2017)
  • among the nation's most generous alumni (according to Forbes, which ranks colleges based on the percentage of graduates who donate to their alma mater).

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