Here at Lawrence, you’ll notice we speak of light often. Light, illumination, shining, brilliance. The concept comes from the motto on our seal: Light! More Light! Veritas est lux (Truth is light).

What we’re trying to say is: we think you have something great to offer the world—your truth, your light—and we want to help you find it and make it shine. That’s our focus. We are committed to challenging and illuminating educational experiences that give you the knowledge and tools to identify your truth and use it to impact the world.



Here are a few unique and handcrafted experiences that will help you shine your light at Lawrence.

One on one lesson with student



With one of the lowest student-to-faculty ratios in the country at 8:1, you’ll have real access to your professors, transitioning from student to colleague as you discover and pursue your academic and creative passions in the classroom, studio, lab, stage, and across the world.


Smiling grads at commencement



With the help of resources like our career center, at the end of your time here you’ll have learned to focus your brilliant light enough to join the 99% of our graduates who go on to next steps including meaningful employment, some of the nation’s top graduate and professional schools, and impactful service work.


Light! More Light! Motto