Here at Lawrence, you’ll notice we speak of light often. Light, illumination, shining, brilliance. The concept comes from the motto on our seal: Light! More Light! Veritas est lux (Truth is light).

What we’re trying to say is: we think you have something great to offer the world—your truth, your light—and we want to help you find it and make it shine. That’s our focus. We are committed to challenging and illuminating educational experiences that give you the knowledge and tools to identify your truth and use it to impact the world.

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Student-Centered Admissions & Education

We have always cared deeply about each student’s story and journey.

This year, in the midst of many global crises, it’s no different. You matter to us.

  • Flexible: Test optional for 15 years
  • Affordable: offering scholarship and financial aid
  • Accessible: No application fee
  • Considerate: accept AP scores and grades or P/F for courses
  • Holistic: Admissions staff want to get to know you
  • Mentorship: 8:1 student to faculty ratio

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Lawrence by the numbers

  • 1500 students from nearly 50 states and more than 40 countries
  • 2 institutions in the university: the College and the Conservatory
  • 60 areas of study (e.g. majors, minors, etc.)
  • 99% of students with scholarships and/or need-based financial aid
  • 250,000 residents in the Fox Cities where Lawrence makes its home
  • 22 NCAA Division III sports
  • 130 student organizations, clubs, intramurals, performance groups
  • 99% success rate within six months (careers, graduate school, and internships)
  • #36 Best Value college by US News
  • 24% domestic students of color and 14% international students
  • 3.63 (out of 4.0) Average unweighted GPA of incoming students
  • 25-32 ACT, 1220-1460 SAT middle 50% for incoming students*
  • $18,000-$31,000 scholarship range

*Lawrence University has not required test scores for the past 15 years. However, when we report test score ranges for incoming students, we include scores for students that asked us to use their test scores for admission as well as those that didn't.

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