Latin America is the product of one of the most dramatic intersections of human societies in world history. Europeans, Native Americans and Africans began a process that has created a politically, socially and economically complex region. Latin America and its peoples have played a vital role in the development of the modern world, and that role is only increasing at the start the 21st century.

The minor in Latin American Studies provides students an opportunity to study this field from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. By employing the tools of various disciplines, including anthropology, Spanish, economics, government, history and others, students can begin the process of understanding this vast mosaic of peoples and nations. Students take two introductory course in Latin America selected from a menu of options, and add to those core courses other classes based on their own majors and interests, and chosen from across campus departments.

The Latin American studies curriculum is designed to be flexible and complete, to ensure that students:

    Acquire foundational knowledge of Latin American history and cultures;

  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills.   
  • Learn the comparative approach to studies of cultures.
  • Gain insight into Latin American cultures from a variety of perspectives.

The minor serves both students interested in developing a deeper understanding of Latin American diverse heritages and providing in-depth knowledge of the region’s cultures. With the minor in Latin American Studies our students will be able to also celebrate the uniqueness of these cultures, to compare those heritages to the students’ own cultural background, to have a global vison of the Western Hemisphere and the world at large, and to acquire a passion for life-long learning and engaging with the region.