Gender is an important aspect of personal and social identity, a criterion for social stratification and differential political treatment, and a favored symbol for expressing values and beliefs.

Gender studies offers an opportunity for focused study of issues including: biology of human reproduction, gender roles in the family and society, psychology of identity, images of men and women in literature and art, and how race, class, sexual orientation and other identities affect our experiences.

Components of the Major

  • Introduction to Gender Studies
  • Introduction to Feminist Theory and Practice
  • Gender and Feminism in Historical Perspective OR Anthropology of Gender
  • The Biology of Human Reproduction OR The Psychology of Gender
  • Five additional gender studies courses
  • Senior Experience course in gender studies

Course descriptions and more courses

Get seriously interdisciplinary.

Use analytical tools and perspectives from the natural and social sciences, history, literary analysis and aesthetics to discover gender’s important implications for biology, psychology and culture. More than 20 faculty members from disciplines all across the curriculum teach courses in the program.


Tackle difficult and controversial topics safely.

We encourage classrooms that are safe and willing to tackle difficult and controversial topics, and support students making a difference through research, critical inquiry and social activism. Recent courses include: Transgender Lives Introduction to Queer Theory; Black, Brown, and Queer on Film; Gender, Politics, and Current Events in Spain; Music and Gender; Reel Men: Masculinity in American Film; Gender and Enlightenment; Feminism and Philosophy


Experience topical and relevant off-campus study programs 

From IES Abroad’s Amsterdam program that offers courses like Conflict and Cultural Diversity, to the Gender and Sexuality Seminar, pursuing off-campus study develops your understanding of the social construction of gender in varied settings. 


Access the Excellence in Gender Studies Fund 

This fund enables you to become a productive researcher and scholar in gender studies through collaboration with departmental faculty, who are among the nation’s leading writers, creators, and thinkers in the discipline. Funds can be applied to travel, research or other activities that immerse students in the real world of scholarly research. 

Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Marketing, human resources management, consulting, writing/editing/publishing, law, business, higher education, sales, social services, education, communications, arts administration, nonprofit work

Recent employers include...

M & R Strategic Services NYC, Minnesota Reading Corps, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Feminist Press, Kimberly-Clark, Race Forward (Brooklyn, NY), Teach for America NYC, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, UW–Madison School of Social Work, Teach for America

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

Communications, English, gender studies, social work, sociology

Recent schools include...

Marquette, Loyola (Chicago), Northwestern, Golden Gate University, Oregon, Washington, Northern Illinois, UW-Oshkosh, Södertörn University College (Sweden)

The Chandler Senior Experience

You will design an independent research project with one or more of our 20+ gender studies faculty members from all across campus—from biology, anthropology, psychology, art, film, music, theatre and literature—to explore the ways gender shapes personal identities, relationships and social structure.

Recent Senior Experiences include:


The Effects of Gender Variant Fiction on Adolescent Attitudes and Behaviors 

The Paradox of Psychological Research on Black Women 

Searching for Adequate Masculinity: Theorizing the Relationship Between Masculinity and Violence in Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold at the Columbine High School Massacre 

Transgender Support Systems: Exploring Ethnography in Appleton, Wisconsin 

Valerie Solanas and a Feminist Theatre of the Abject 

What Does a Cyborg Music Sound Like? Configuring Gender in Electroacoustic Flute Music by Thea Musgrave and Kaija Saariaho