ACM Film Festival Winners

Conference presentations:
Best Paper: Michelle Risacher: "Women's Time: Analyzing Female Subjectivity in Maya Deren's 'Witch's Cradle' " (Grinnell)

Runners Up-- Pat Commins: "Cars: Spectacles and Embodiments" (Lawrence)
and Julia Downs: "Return of the Revolutionary Politic: Sexuality as Advancement in 'Anna Lucasta'"  (Grinnell)

Best Paper Written in a Foreign Language: Hannah Shryer:  "Gender or Genre?: Elements of Horror and Identity in Victor Erice's 'The Spirit of the Beehive'” (Lawrence)

Malcom Barnes, Dillon Tanner, and Charles Bayley: "Dog Days" (Colorado)
Runner-Up: Leo Leventhal: "Janitors" (Lawrence)

Best of the Midwest
Brendan Young: "Barkley 100"  (Colorado)
Runner-Up--(2nd place) Saw Min Maw: "Zastaveni (Stalling)" (Grinnell)
Runner-Up: (3rd place) Thomas Crandall, Andrew DesLauriers, and Elle Gannon: "Solo" (Colorado) Password: ACMFILM2016

Social Impact Award: Charles Theobald: "Turning Point" (Colorado) Password: coloradocollege

Production Value: Robert Mahaffie: "Black Forest" (Colorado)

Original Concept:  Kaitlyn Hickmann, Georgia Griffis, and Corrina Leatherwood: "XO" (Colorado) Password: coloradocollege

Audience Choice Award: Finn Bjornerud “A Moment of Consideration: Townies Skateboarding at Lawrence University”


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