Director of Teacher Education:  Stewart Purkey

Department Co-Chairs:  Stewart Purkey & Bob Williams

Administrative Assistant:  Carol Marx

Office:  Briggs 117, M-F 7:30-11:30am, 832-6714

  • Stewart C. Purkey
    Bee Connell Mielke Professor of Education and Associate Professor of Education
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6715
    Education: Stanford University, A.B.; Reed College, M.A.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D.
    Interests: educational reform
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 121 Education
    Years at Lawrence: 1985-
  • Robert F. Williams
    Robert F. Williams Profile Picture
    Associate Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of Education
    Campus Phone: 920-993-6276
    Education: Purdue University, B.A., B.S.M.E.; University of Colorado at Denver, M.A.; University of California-San Diego, M.S., Ph.D.
    Interests: distributed cognition; cognitive linguistics; gesture studies; instructional discourse
    Campus Address: Sampson House Education
    Years at Lawrence: 2004-

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