To complete a minor in data science, you'll need to take the following courses:

Two core courses:

  • CMSC/STAT 205: Data-Scientific Programming
  • STAT 255: Statistics for Data Science

Two statistics and data science electives from the list of:

  • CMSC/STAT 208: Machine Learning
  • CMSC/STAT 405: Advanced Data Computing
  • STAT 450: Bayesian Statistics
  • STAT 455: Advanced Statistical Modeling

Two additional courses in an area of focus such as economics, biology, psychology, government, computer science, statistical theory:

  • ANTH 207: Quantitative Analysis in Anthropology
  • BIOL 170: Integrative Biology: Experimental Design and Statistics
  • BIOL 360: Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • BIOL 375: Biostatistics
  • BIOL 380: Ecological Modeling
  • CHEM 210 / CHEM 211 Analytical Chemistry and Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry
  • CMSC 210: Introduction to Scientific Programming
  • CMSC 470: Artificial Intelligence
  • ECON 223: Quantitative Decision Making
  • ECON 380: Econometrics
  • ECON 481: Advanced Econometrics & Modeling
  • ENST 235 / GEOS 214: Climate and Climate Change
  • ETST 302: Research Methods in Ethnic Studies
  • GOVT 271: Research Methods in Political Science
  • GOVT 538: Outside the Margin of Error: Polling and Quantitative Prediction in Modern Politics
  • MATH 340: Probability
  • PSYCH 280: Research Methods I
  • PSYCH 281: Research Methods II
  • STAT 445: Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT 450: Bayesian Statistics

Additional Stipulations:

  1. No more than one of ANTH 207 and BIOL 170 may count toward the minor.
  2. The minor requires a total of six distinct courses. Thus, courses that are listed on both lists A and B (such as STAT 450) may count toward one, but not both requirements.
  3. No more than three courses, counting toward any one major or other minor, may be counted toward the minor.

Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Tuesday, April 20, 2021, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

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