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ENG 180: Introduction to Creative Writing

A survey of prominent literary works through the lens of creative writing. Students will analyze works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and will have the opportunity to respond creatively to the assigned readings – i.e., by composing original stories, creative essays, and poems.  Assigned texts will seek to expose students to various writing styles, and provide examples of the successes and strategies of other writers. In addition to learning various aspects of reading and discussing texts as writers, students will learn how to respond to writing in different genres.
Units: 6

ENG 601: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing

A seminar involving analysis of theoretical, critical, literary, and practical (i.e., craft-related) readings at an advanced level in conjunction with students' writing of an original, substantial creative work, in either poetry or prose. Students working in different genres will have the opportunity to read one another’s work and discuss, as a group, both the challenges and possibilities associated with composing lengthy creative projects. Each section of the seminar will focus on a theme that can accommodate variety in students' individual research projects.
Units: 6. Prerequisite: Majors only; junior standing for spring term, otherwise, senior standing; at least two English courses numbered 400 or above, and two workshops numbered 500 or above.

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