Bob Williams (chair)
  • Brittany R. Alperin
    Brittany R. Alperin Profile Picture
    Dennis and Charlot Nelson Singleton Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6706
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 311 Psychology
    Years at Lawrence: -
  • Kurt Krebsbach
    Kurt Krebsbach Profile Picture
    Professor of Computer Science
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6573
    Education: Lawrence University, B.A.; University of Minnesota, M.S., Ph.D.
    Interests: artificial intelligence, automated planning, multi-agent systems, functional programming, music, zymurgy
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 411 Mathematics
    Years at Lawrence: 2002-
  • Mark Phelan
    Mark Phelan Profile Picture
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Campus Phone: 920-832-7062
    Education: Ouachita Baptist University, B.A.; The University of Utah, M.S.; The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ph.D.
    Interests: Philosophies of mind, language, and cognitive science; figurative language; theory of mind; linguistic pragmatics
    Campus Address: Main Hall Room 414 Philosophy
    Years at Lawrence: 2011-
  • Bob Williams
    Bob Williams Profile Picture
    Professor of Education
    Campus Phone: 920-993-6276
    Education: Purdue University, B.A., B.S.M.E.; University of Colorado at Denver, M.A.; University of California-San Diego, M.S., Ph.D.
    Interests: gesture studies, distributed cognition, cognitive linguistics, instructional discourse
    Campus Address: Briggs Hall Room 123 Education
    Years at Lawrence: 2004-