Am I required to take a course in December Term?

No. December Term is an optional enrichment program with credit of 3 units per course. No one is required to take a December Term course.

Do December Term courses fulfill general education requirements?

No. December Term courses are for enrichment and do not satisfy general education requirements.  The 3 units do count toward the 216 units required for a Lawrence degree.

Can December Term courses fulfill major or minor requirements?

Some December Term courses may count as an elective for a major, minor, or interdisciplinary area at the discretion of the department or program.

Are the fees part of my regular tuition, room and board costs?

No. There is a separate charge for December Term. D-Term tuition is discounted by 40% for all students. Two weeks of room and board are charged for on-campus courses. A program fee is charged for travel courses as listed in the course description.

Is financial aid available?

Beginning with the 2019 December Term, need-based grant funding will be available to degree-seeking students. December Term grant funding will be applied to tuition only and will range from $250 to $1,000.

To be eligible for a need-based grant, students must be degree-seeking and enrolled in a December Term course. Additionally, grant eligibility will be based on the student’s FAFSA for the current academic year, and the amount will be determined by the Financial Aid Office. For students who are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, eligibility will be based on I-20 documentation or completion of the CSS Profile.

To inquire about your eligibility for December Term grant funding, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 920-832-6583.

Loans (federal and/or private) can also apply to December Term. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Do I have to live on campus during D-term? 

Since D-Term and winter break are considered non-standard times for housing and meals, the opt-out ability of room and board can be elected. Students may elect to live off campus during December Term.  Students who want to live off campus must notify the Residential Education and Housing office by the end of October to avoid being billed for room and board.