Am I required to take a course in December Term?

No. The December Term is being offered as an enrichment program. Credit is awarded (3 units per course), but you are not required to take a December Term course.

Are the fees part of my regular tuition, room and board costs?

No, there is a separate charge for these courses and for room and board.  December Term tuition is discounted by 40%. This is more than a $1,000 reduction in tuition for a 3-unit course. Two weeks of room and board are charged for on-campus D-Term courses.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is limited to federal and private loans. Contact the Financial Aid Office at financial.aid@lawrence to learn more.

Can December Term courses fulfill general education requirements?

December Term courses are for enrichment and do not satisfy general education requirements.  Some may count as an elective for a major, minor, or interdisciplinary area at the discretion of the department or program.  The 3 units do count toward the 216 units required for a Lawrence degree.

Do I have to live on campus during D-term? 

The same rules apply as during other academic terms. Students enrolled in on-campus D-Term courses are expected to live and dine on campus unless they have been granted off-campus permission by the Student Life office.

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