Am I required to take a course in December Term?

No. The December Term is being offered as an enrichment program. Credits are awarded, but you are not required to take a December Term course.

Are the fees part of my regular tuition, room and board costs?

No, there is a separate charge for these courses and for room and board.  (See above)

Can December term courses fulfill graduation requirements such as the writing intensive requirement or distribution requirements?

The 3 units can be counted towards the number needed for graduation. In some limited cases they may be used to fulfill electives in major or programs at the discretion of the departments.  No other requirements can be satisfied by December Term courses.

Do I have to live on-campus during D-term? 

The same rules apply as during all other academic terms. Students are expected to live and dine on campus during D-term unless they have been granted off-campus permission by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office.

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