What does it mean to do musicology?

In musicology courses at Lawrence, you will delve into questions about why and how music has mattered to people in a variety of different times and cultures. You will investigate the multitude of ways in which people engage with music. You will think about where and how meaning happens in relation to musicking and how that meaning might function and change. You will consider the ways that your personal experiences might influence the way you process and respond to a specific soundscape or musical practice or ideology. You will ask questions, consider multiple perspectives, and explore ambiguities.

Explore the complexities of musicological thinking in discussion-based classes that foster intellectual collaboration.

Learn more about the varied interests of the musicology faculty.

Discover the many paths open to Conservatory graduates. 

Music Education team teaches drumming during Mile of Music

Musicology for All

The only program to reach all conservatory students, no matter your degree program. Many courses are also open to non-music majors. Core musicology courses reflect the diversity of music students at Lawrence. No matter your musical interests, musicology will prepare you to approach all music you encounter with open ears and intellectual curiosity. 

Open book of music.

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Funds for Conservatory Student Projects

You'll have access to financial support for internships at venues like Carnegie Hall, touring and summer festivals, and even commissioning new works to perform in recitals.

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Find Your Voice at Lawrence

Lawrence Conservatory Voice Students share their connection with music and performance. From the stage to recording studio, students share how they find and develop their unique voice at Lawrence.

Open book of music.

Rise of Rock and Roll

Rock-and-Roll will be studied from its genesis in the mid-50s, combining influences from R&B, Country, and Pop, through the variety of sub-genres in the 60s to the punk and disco movements in the 70s. Learn about the movers and shakers who shaped the growth and acceptance of this music, as well as the multitude of social, political, and racial challenges that influenced popular music.

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