The Lawrence Conservatory experience is grounded in the belief that truly outstanding music training integrates outstanding academic training.

Our rapidly changing world needs musicians who are smart, innovative, entrepreneurial, civic-minded, and collaborative. At Lawrence, we empower you to bring your whole self to creating your musical path. Come experience world-class musical training in an environment of support, community, and possibility.

Student writing on sheet music during Viking Bassoon Ensemble rehearsals.

Music And...

Music and academics? Music and athletics? Music and fine arts? Music Education and Music Performance? Yes, yes, yes and yes! Our signature Dual Degree Program is a testament to how deeply we value exceptional musicians who are also exceptionally good at academic pursuits. Over half of every incoming class in the Conservatory comes to pursue the 5-year Dual Degree program. This is the power of a world-class conservatory within a world-class liberal arts university. We keep your possibilities open so you can create your path.

Large ensemble performs on stage

The Perfect Recipe for High Level Music Making

We have 350 students pursuing music degrees and majors. This means performance opportunities abound—like 23 major ensembles—and countless chamber and small group opportunities. We are also an all-undergraduate institution, which means you won’t compete against graduate students or be taught by them. As a residential campus, you will live in your musical community, so music-making doesn’t stop when the last class ends.

Students stand around a piano singing with a man playing

Core Conditioning 

We are an award-winning conservatory with an expansive focus. Whether your passion is Western classical, jazz and improvisation, contemporary styles, music education, composition, theory, or a combination, we will give you the tools to shine and the space to find your unique musical voice. We also will nudge you to expand your musicianship beyond your comfort zone so you can communicate in more than one musical language. Why be musical when you can be multi-musical?  

Student playing clarinet while faculty member provides feedback

Collaboration Is Key

For musicians today, collaboration is vitally important. At Lawrence it is at the center of everything we do. Collaborating in our world-class ensembles and chamber music groups is a given, but our students are also collaborating across musical genres, with film students, dancers, even computer scientists. Student-faculty collaboration is also central to who we are. Imagine the power of making music with some of the top professional musicians in the country. At Lawrence, you can.

Irene Strohbeen points to the screen of a laptop as she works with junior Duval Bingham during an Innovation & Entrepreneurship class, In Pursuit of Innovation.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Apply a creative spirit to building the business of you. Our courses in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will help you build a foundation for pursuing your musical life. These are core skills for today’s world-changing musicians.

Culture of Creativity

Creativity is the superpower that takes musicianship to the next level. Lawrence makes space for musicians to create, dream, and try big, beautiful ideas. Grow your skills in composition, improvisation, and songwriting. Create a new kind of recital. Reimagine performances. Be on the cutting edge of music today. At Lawrence magic is real, and you will be a part of making it happen.

Students playing string instruments
Jazz musicians play in a gynasium, with men in green jumpsuites in the background.

A Spirit of Civic Engagement

Music can have a profound positive impact on our society. At Lawrence, civic engagement is core to who we are. Our Music for All program connects students with social service organizations throughout our community and across the country. Our musicians partner with homeless shelters, mental health organizations, Boys and Girls Clubs, public schools, El Sistema orchestras, The New York Jazz Academy, Carnegie Hall, Play on Philly, The Merit School of Music, Latino Arts... the list goes on and on.

Production and Tech as Critical Musical Skill

Technology can supercharge your musical life. We have two dedicated production studios, increasing course offerings in audio and video production, as well as electronic music composition. We also have campus opportunities to gain hands-on experience with recording, production, live performance mixing, and webcasts. Where will technology take your musical journey?

Audio console with multi-colored buttons and screens.