The clarinet program will help you reach your greatest musical potential through individualized study that builds on your skills and interests.

Grow your artistry, build your technical facility, and expand your musical possibilities in a community of empowerment, collaboration, and support. Hone and challenge your performance skills with a diverse array of solo, chamber, and ensemble experiences. Dig into the transformational power of music through community outreach. Become the versatile and entrepreneurial musician the world needs. Where will your musical journey take you?

From bands and orchestras to chamber groups, classical to contemporary to jazz, ensembles and performance opportunities abound.

The clarinet program is led by Andy Hudson, Associate Professor of Music.

Discover the many paths open to Conservatory graduates. 

Tucker Hall, a sophomore, performs in clarinet studio.

Studio Culture

Improving your individual skills is just one facet of a musical education in the Conservatory. For clarinetists, your education will also focus on supporting your peers, learning to make music well with others, and upholding a studio environment that promotes acceptance, trust, inclusion, and encouragement.

Wind ensemble performs on stage with people watching

Have clarinet, will travel

Nearly every year Lawrentian clarinetists travel to perform, do outreach, and connect with other musicians. Recent destinations have included Minneapolis and Chicago.

Students rehearse clarinet

Tools of the Trade

From a fully equipped reed room to a collection of first-rate auxiliary clarinets, you'll have access to an array of musical tools and instruments.

reflected light shining on sheet music

The Power of Collaboration

What happens when you combine a world-class conservatory with a world-class college? An unmatched undergraduate musical education. At Lawrence, the Conservatory and College experiences are intertwined. Multiple degree options let you be your own muse by connecting your musical passions with your academic interests. 


A Standout Performance

Abbey Atwater performs as a guest soloist with the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble.

Aerial drone shot of Bjorklunden in Door County, Wisconsin

Sound the Retreat

Bond with your fellow musicians, focus on your craft, and immerse yourself in natural beauty during retreat weekends at Björklunden, a 441-acre estate on the shores of Lake Michigan.

On Any Given Day... an array of opportunities that await you at Lawrence University.


Find Your Voice at Lawrence

Lawrence Conservatory Voice Students share their connection with music and performance. From the stage to recording studio, students share how they find and develop their unique voice at Lawrence.

A musical life awaits. Take the next steps by applying and auditioning.

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Your virtual tour starts at the Arch but be sure to check out Conservatory, to explore learning and performance spaces.